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Wooden Climbing Frames VS Metal Climbing Frames | Which is the Better Investment?

When it comes to choosing a climbing frame for your family, one of your first decisions will probably be choosing between a wooden or a metal structure. Each type has its own set of

Can Climbing Frames be Beneficial in Children’s Physical and Mental Development?

Childhood is a time of immense growth and development, both physically and mentally. While traditional education plays a crucial role in nurturing young minds,

Little Tikes VS Rainbow Play | Honest Comparison

When it comes to buying a climbing frame most families will do a lot of research to check out the most prominent brands in the market at that moment in time. Two big names in the climbing frame market

Pros and Cons of Building a Climbing Frame on Artificial Grass in the UK

Whilst you're trying to design the perfect back garden playground for your kids, one of the main considerations will be the surface on which you build. In recent years, artificial grass has gained pop

Do Climbing Frames in the UK Need Anchoring?

Choosing the right climbing frame for your children is an important decision . Beyond the fun and excitement, it brings; ensuring the safety of these structures should be a priority. One common questi
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How Old do my Children Need to be to Play on a Climbing Frame?

Climbing frames are a great way to get everyone outside, playing in the garden, socialising, being imaginative and enjoying the fresh air. From tiny tots to teenagers and beyond, everyone can play on
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Does a Rainbow Climbing Frame Need to be Fixed to the Ground? | What Surface Does it Need to Sit on?

Seen lots of climbing frames online and wondering if climbing frames need to be secured to the ground? And what surface do you need to put it on?

Do I Need Planning Permission to Put a Climbing Frame in my Garden?

We often get asked if planning permission is needed when buying a proper climbing frame. The general answer is no, as we’ve been selling and installing

Does my Garden Need to be Flat to Have a Climbing Frame?

Does my garden need to be flat to have a climbing frame? At Rainbow, we often get asked about how flat gardens need to be or if Rainbow Climbing Frames need to be on a special surface. In an ideal wor

What Surface do I Need For my Rainbow Climbing Frame?

 When our customers are choosing the perfect Rainbow Climbing Frame for their garden, they often ask us what surface they should put the frame on!

5 Top Tips For Buying a Wooden Climbing Frame

Looking to add your dream climbing frame to your garden? Look no further! Here at Rainbow Play, we have over 20 years of experience in designing and creating dream wooden climbing frames for families

Why Are Rainbow Wooden Climbing Frames so Good For Kids?

Apart from the massive smiles and shrieks of fun that you will hear as your children are let loose on an imaginative adventure, the physical benefits are
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Keep the Grandkids Happy and Active With a Rainbow Climbing Frame!

Are you searching for engaging outdoor activities to entertain your grandchildren during their visits?   Providing Outdoor Fun and Lasting Memories with Rainbow Climbing Frames!

How Long Will I Have my Climbing Frame?

So, you’ve spent ages researching garden wooden climbing frames on the internet, have spent hours looking at pictures and going through different brochures,
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Important Considerations When Buying a Wooden Climbing Frame

What Are The Most Important Factors That You Need to Consider When Buying a Wooden Climbing Frame?  It can be really daunting when you type it into the search bar “Wooden climbing frame” and you

How to Build a Den

Have you ever wondered how to turn a rainy day into a memorable adventure, transform your garden into a playground, or even convert a bedroom into a spaceship?

Climbing frames for Kids

Whether you are in the early stages of researching and looking at climbing frames for kids, (or more specifically wooden climbing frames for kids); or you have finished your market research and are re

Climbing Frames For Small Budgets

So, you want to invest in a quality wooden climbing frame for your children, but you only have a small budget? You may be thinking that this is an un-achievable dream…
St Benedict's School Ealing - Early Years Learning through play

8 Top-Tips to Help You Navigate The Playground

The time is here…after a summer of all-out fun, you are finally getting out those shiny new school shoes ready for your first (or only) fledgling to head off to ‘ big-school ’.

How to Choose Age-Appropriate Accessories For Your Climbing Frame!

We talk a lot about it in our blogs. Today’s market is flooded with images of climbing frames and swing-sets which , on first glance, can look ‘the same’ as each other.

What to Look Out For When Buying a Second-Hand Wooden Climbing Frame

Having a wooden climbing frame in your garden is such a great way to make outdoor play time readily available all year round.   A climbing frame in your back garden lets children

What to do if Your Kids Grow Out of Their Climbing Frame

How to Keep the Fun For Years to Come on a Climbing Frame Are you noticing that your Rainbow wooden climbing frame isn’t getting used as much as it once was?

4 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a Wooden Climbing Frame

Searching for the perfect wooden playset can be a daunting task. Which wood   to go for, how big does my garden need to be, what does deck height mean?
wooden climbing frame with rockwall & swings

10 Questions to Ask When Buying Your Climbing Frame

So, having done the research and made the decision to take the plunge and buy our first Rainbow Play climbing frame, I wanted to make sure I got it right.