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How to Build a Den

Have you ever wondered how to turn a rainy day into a memorable adventure, transform your garden into a playground, or even convert a bedroom into a spaceship? The answer lies in the versatile world of den-building, and there's no better canvas for your imaginative creations than a Rainbow Climbing Frame! 

1. The Den Wonderland: Exploring Creative Realms

Dens can take on various forms—inside, outside, in the woods, or atop your climbing frame. The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination! Building a den on your climbing frame is a personal favourite, offering the chance to turn it into a house, shop, castle, boat, submarine, spaceship, car, and more. The key is minimal materials and maximal creativity. 

2. Playhouse Panels: Crafting the Foundation of Dreams

Rainbow climbing frames boast playhouse panels that can transform the lower level into a fully panelled playhouse area. Incorporating this feature opens the door to a world of den-building possibilities, giving your children the freedom to create their dream space. 

3. The Den-Making Journey: From Pillows to Chalkboards

Armed with pillows, blankets, cardboard boxes, and other whimsical items, your children can bring their dream den to life. Whether it's a cozy chill-out spot, a princess's tea party, or a cowboy hideout, anything is possible. Enhance the den with a 'cabin package' for a snug upstairs deck, and add window panels, chalkboards, bubble panels, or extended bubble panels to create a dynamic and captivating environment. 

4. Sky's the Limit: Penthouse Perfection

Even if you prefer a simple wooden climbing frame, the addition of a penthouse provides extra height and a lookout point for imaginative play. Whether it becomes a castle in the sky, a treehouse, or a picnic spot, the options are limitless. 

5. Dressing Up Your Den: Adding Personality and Charm

Transforming your climbing frame into a den involves dressing it up. Use materials as curtains to cover windows or side areas, adding a touch of personality. Clubhouses with picnic tables downstairs are perfect for teddy bear picnics, and the lemonade stand, and dreams theatre can play multiple roles in the eyes of a child. 

6. A Rainbow Climbing Frame: Your Canvas for Creativity

Whatever den your little ones dream of, a Rainbow Play system serves as the perfect canvas! The possibilities are vast, and the memories created within these imaginative spaces are bound to last a lifetime. Get ready to embark on a journey of creative exploration with your Rainbow Climbing Frame as the ultimate den-building companion!