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Best climbing frame safety surfacing options

Swing set safety is our #1 priority as a result we are an industry leader in the climbing frame business

Rainbow Play Systems is one of the trusted leaders in wooden climbing frames because of our commitment to quality and safety. With Rainbow Play Systems, you can rest assured that every safety consideration has been tested, evaluated and tested again before ever reaching the finished swing set.

We choose only the finest materials for our climbing frames. Our entire line is constructed with 100% Cedar lumbar, commercial-grade hardware, dual-bolt construction, heavy-gauge dipped safety chains, angled safety ladders, one-inch thick rope and interlocking notched-beam construction. Our massive solid-beam structures are held in place with recessed hardware and safety caps, and all our play surfaces are fastener-free.

Our imported swing sets are made with 100% solid Imported Cedar also known as Chinese Fir or scientifically named Cunninghamia Lanceolata. Rainbow will not use any glued timber in our imported play equipment. Rainbow’s use of solid timbers in key structural areas (Main Support Members, Swing Beams and Swing Beam Support Legs) can assure you that NO safety, or quality is compromised in our imported sets.

Our wooden climbing frames are designed to last a lifetime, while giving your child the wishes-come-true place to run, jump, and play to their heart desires. Our history, safety features, and best-in-the-industry warranty are second to none.

We know you’re a parent whose number one priority is your child’s safety. You’ll be happy to learn that at Rainbow, that’s our priority too!