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The Very Best Quality Wooden Climbing Frames

Sharing playtime fun since 1996, we are thrilled to still supply the finest wooden climbing frames in the UK

We are one of the few children’s outdoor play companies who are happy to display our wooden climbing frames for you and your children to try before you buy.

So pack up the family and come and visit one of our two show sites across the UK! Your children can run, climb, swing and play whilst you get to see our innovative and supreme  play systems in all their glory.

The secret to our success? Selling outdoor climbing frames & play equipment that grows with your children, creating endless fun and enjoyment in outdoor play for many years. 

We offer an incredible number of fun & interactive accessories, spiral slides, climbing walls, monkey bars, play houses, picnic tables, fireman’s pole, chalk boards and a crazy amount of swings to mention but a few…So that’s birthdays and Christmases taken care of!


Our aim is to supply the best childhood memories through offering the best wooden climbing frames that money can buy. And ok, we might be a little bit biased but we really are passionate about what we do & the service we provide

Our team of Rainbow experts possess more than three decades of knowledge. Both the play set designers and the climbing frame installation teams will look after you every step of the way. From conducting a site visit and helping you choose the perfect outdoor climbing frame for your family, all the way through to final sign off on the big day itself, a service we are very proud of!

A word of warning, please be warned that not all wooden climbing frames are equal. There are loads of ‘EL Cheapo’ alternatives out there, and I mean loads, but they are cheap for a reason…from the product they offer and the service they provide.

They don’t put their wooden play sets out on display for demonstration purposes for a reason, and by the time you have bought one – it’s too late!

We only sell the best quality outdoor wooden play equipment and climbing frames, the ones that your children can enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives.

Get in touch to find out more about what, when, where & how…

All the Best,

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Meet Our Team

Our team have been together for ages. So long, if fact, they even consider each other family! And together they’ve sold more Rainbow Climbing Frames than you’ve had hot dinners!
Nick Marlow
Nick MarlowAKA the Big Boss!
Nick has lead the way at Rainbow Play since 2005. His daughters have always believed he has the best job in the world – and who are we to argue! Building a family’s dreams using the finest in outdoor play equipment has got to be one of the best feelings EVER! Nick’s valiant efforts have seen him grow the team and business to include Rainbow as well as Springfree Trampoline and Hydrolife!
SteveOur Solution Provider
Leading the team from behind, Steve has over a decade of experience with Rainbow. We’ve seen him blossom from installing climbing frames to heading up Sales for the UK. Working with passion, drive and flare, Steve will stop at nothing to deliver the best results time after time.
James Bicknell
James BicknellAKA The Rainbow Guru
What James doesn’t know about climbing frames is not worth knowing – that’s why we named him the Rainbow Guru! With over 15 years of expertise in the field, James has advised some of the world’s biggest stars on some of the world’s biggest climbing frames! He is without a doubt the ‘full package’ – happy, eager to help and dedicated to creating that perfect climbing frame for you and your family!
Cara Our Marketing Firecracker
Sharp, snappy and always one step ahead of the game. Cara has facilitated exponential business growth from behind the scenes for over 8 years now. With one ear permanently to the ground, Cara is always on the lookout for new ways to spread the word! And as they say, the future is bright…the future is RAINBOW!
PaulaOur Fairy-Godmother of Excellence
Paula is our fun-loving Essex girl with a twist! Not only does she have an infectious personality and the ability to engage with anyone….she is laser-focused on improving operational excellence. Since joining, Paula has sprinkled her magic everywhere. Implementing improvements to core business functions and streamlining us to work smarter than ever before!
PaulOur Operations Hero
Paul is the pegs to our tent – the man that makes it all happen! Successfully bridging the gap between our passionate sales team and Rainbow Install Team. Paul has facilitated more climbing frame installs in his 17 years with us, than you have had hot dinners!
PaulOur Installation Expert
What would we do without this guy? Imagine the world’s strongest man crossed with a big cuddly teddy-bear – that’s Paul! Travelling tirelessly across the land come wind, rain or snow to get your dreams built! With over 20 years’ expertise, there is quite literally NOTHING he cannot build!
JordanOur Installation Expert
Paul's right hand man, Jordan has gained years of experience working with Rainbow. Travelling up-hill & down-dale, there's nowhere too far for him to travel to get your dream Rainbow Climbing Frame built!