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Struggling to imagine what a Rainbow Climbing Frame will look like in your garden?
We’ve put together a selection of our most popular and best-selling climbing frames
to help you find some inspiration for your dream climbing frame. Go on… let your
imagination run wild!

Circus Club Pkg II Loaded with wood roof


This is a really popular set for families with young children.  With a platform height of 5 foot, it’s not too daunting for little ones, but is still packed with fun activities. With a lovely wooden roof and green accessories, this set looks great in any garden.  Easy steps up for little legs, as well as a more ambitious route up via the climbing wall, before sliding down the 10 foot scoop slide.  Three swings as well as a trapeze means fun for all the children as well as a friend or two.  With a picnic table at the lower level for quiet drawing and of course eating too this set will keep young children amused all day long.

Circus Castle Pkg III Loaded


A great entry level Castle climbing frame for young explorers.  This set is great for younger children with bright colours, but can also be supplied with green accessories.  This set is full of swinging action – with a trapeze, 2 sling swings and a rope and disc swing.  As well as these 4 swings, there is a 360 degree tyre swing under the main castle - spinning round is so much fun.  A set of monkey bars on this climbing frame means great upper body training strength for arms.  A climbing wall AND a Jacobs rope ladder give lots of climbing work-outs too.  This set is great for a longer, thinner garden.

Circus Castle Pkg V


This is an amazing set, jam packed full of fantastic activities to keep your younger children occupied every weekend and every school holiday!  Along with a standard straight slide, this set also boasts an amazing spiral slide coming off the higher Penthouse den – great for races as to who can get to the bottom first.  With 3 swinging activities on the main swing beam as well as a tyre swing under the main castle deck, there is plenty of swinging fun for lots of children. This Circus Castle has a set of monkey bars and on top of the bars is a a second den, to give another great place to hide out.  A Jacobs rope ladder, step ladder AND a climbing wall means there are lots of choices of how to get up before sliding down again.

Sunshine Club Pkg IV Tons of Bells and Whistles


Just slightly taller than the Circus Range, the main deck of this Sunshine sits at 5 foot 2 inches.  This version isn’t called “Tons of Bells and Whistles” for nothing!  It has tons of fun and things to do.  From the main deck with its picnic table and bench underneath, to the steps and climbing wall up, to the 10 foot scoop slide to whizz down.  On the swing beam, as well as two sling swings there is a fun, 2 person glider for double the fun.  The monkey bars support an upper Penthouse den with its own extended look out bubble to spy on the parents down below.  Also on the monkey bars, adding another dimension to monkeying around, are some ninja warrior hangers, making traversing the bars even more challenging.  Designed for a medium sized garden, you are unlikely to be able to get your children to come indoors.

Rainbow Castle Pkg II Loaded with wood Roof


If you are looking for a taller climbing frame to suit older children, then the Rainbow range is perfect for you.  This Rainbow Castle would look gorgeous in any mid-sized garden.  With its lovely wooden roof and green features, it will settle in nicely with nature.  There are a total of 6 amazing swings on this climbing frame – 3 standard sling swings, a rope and disc swing, a trapeze and a 360 degree tyre swing – so much choice.  For climbing skills there is a Jacobs rope ladder as well as a step and chain and wooden step ladder on to the main Castle deck where your children can spy on the rest of the garden with the telescope.

Monster Castle Pkg V


For older or taller children and a slightly larger garden this Monster Castle will provide lots of higher level fun.  With a platform height of 6 foot, this will suit all sizes.  The forest colours ensure that although larger, this will slip nicely in amongst the garden greenery!  With a main deck and a Penthouse, there is room for lots of play.  An extended bubble on the Penthouse makes for a great look out post, and the 360 degree spiral slide is an excellent way of whizzing back down to garden level.  Plenty of swinging activities for competitions as well as lots of climbing for upper body strength and other challenges make this set a great all-rounder.

King Kong Clubhouse Pkg II Feature Model


This King Kong Clubhouse is great if you have a mixture of different ages  with 2 different deck levels, the tallest rising to 7 foot 2 inches – giving lots of play space for all. A ships wheel and binoculars are standard to steer the oceans, and look out for pirate ships! The fun for everyone includes a super tall climbing wall, an enormous 14.5 foot scoop slide, 3 fun swings as well as a trapeze swing.  With a nice, quiet space at ground level to chill out, draw or eat a picnic with another ground level space for imaginative play, or perhaps a sand pit?

Monster Clubhouse pkg V whopper with tarp


If you are looking for a totally amazing climbing frame, then a Monster Clubhouse pkg 5 is the one for you!  With a deck height of 6 foot, this is great for taller or older children, whilst younger ones can equally play restaurants / shops down below at the lemonade stand.  A nice tall climbing wall leads up to the main deck, where your children can all hang out together on the oversized deck.  An extended bubble AND a crow’s nest give two great look outs and a wonderful 11 foot slide makes for a quick exit back down to the ground.  4 swing bays allow for lots of competitions on who can go the highest, as well as a trapeze bar for any budding gymnasts. And last, but by no means least is our amazing 360 spiral slide aka. KID HEAVEN!

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