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Best climbing frames for medium gardens

We have some fantastic climbing frame options to suit medium sized gardens and a range of budgets.


What are you waiting for?

Whatever space you have available in your garden for a climbing frame we can help so pick up the phone and give us a call. We are very experienced in designing climbing frames for all garden sizes. We can send you digital plan drawings showing all dimensions and including our advice on safe surround space.

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Endless Climbing Frame Options

Here at Rainbow Play, we really do pride ourselves on having a climbing frame solution for EVERY garden size, and of course EVERY budget! We are often met with the answer of ‘medium sized garden’ from our customers during the consultation process, either that or ‘just a normal sized garden’! Neither are wrong answers, or bad news...they just require some further investigation from our in-house Rainbow design experts.

If you are the owner of a medium sized garden and wish to invest in a wooden climbing frame for your children, then there are just several things that we would look into with you to make sure we find, or design, that perfect, dream climbing frame for you and your children!


The first one being; is your garden medium sized, or is the space that you wish to use for a wooden climbing frame medium sized? If you sit on the former side of the fence (pardon the pun) then we will work with you to see how the land lies and exactly how much space you have to play with! Our fully modular wooden climbing frames can be tweaked and reconfigured to fit even the smallest of spaces (think 11ft x 11ft!), so a medium sized garden is plenty to pack lots of fun into! Whilst our brochure is extensive, it by no means demonstrates everything that is possible when creating a wooden climbing frame! We are armed with countless ways to create something that is bespoke to you and perfect for your medium garden!

Accessorise to make the most of space!

If you have a larger garden and only wish to use a medium sized area within this then you really have nothing to worry about! We can amend swing-beams to sit neatly inside designated play-areas. We can configure our climbing frames into L-shapes to minimise the space needed without detracting from any of the fun. We can add height to our platforms to keep that all-important climbing element challenging for even longer (all without adding anything to the footprint)!

And our monkey bars have been very cleverly thought-out to sit neatly alongside our slides to ensure maximum fun without maximum space having to be used! 

Furthermore, you can go on to nestle a super fun, ‘den in the air’ to your design by adding a wooden penthouse on top of your monkey bars, packing more of that fun factor in without having to eat up more of the garden! Even our famous, pièce de résistance – the 360 spiral slides don’t take up much more room down on the ground. You’ll be surprised by just how much is possible when designing climbing frames for medium gardens!

A climbing frame for all gardens and budgets

We know that it can look and feel like a medium sized garden is too small to fit some of our wooden climbing frame designs into, and you’re right...we do have some ginormous designs that really do need a lot of space...BUT the vast majority of our UK based customers don’t have a football field sized space to work with...and that is perfectly ok!

We have plenty of climbing, swinging, sliding, running and jumping activities that can be cleverly incorporated into even the most compact of our rest at ease ‘medium garden’ owners...Rainbow have more than got you covered!

Safety (and fun) guaranteed

If you are worried about quality – don’t be. Our children’s wooden climbing frames are designed to ensure they are entertaining and safe, and are manufactured to meet both EN-71 and ASTM safety standards. We offer a lifetime warranty on the wooden elements of all our climbing frames. The accessories also typically have a 5-year warranty too. We are super proud that many of our clients have owned their Rainbow climbing frames for 12-15 years, and longer...big thumbs up!




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