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Best climbing frames for small gardens

Small gardens make people think they are limited to planters, some herbs and a few outdoor candles. Thankfully Rainbow Play have designed and fitted our wonderful, wooden climbing frames into the smallest of inner city gardens.

Small but perfectly formed

Our wooden tower structures from our Clubhouse climbing frame range means that each side of the climbing frame can be utilised for different activities such as climbing walls, trapeze swings, slides and steps, therefore keeping the climbing frame footprint as compact as possible.

If you have slightly more space available in your garden for your chidrens climbing frame, then a swing beam can be added, with either 2 or 3 swings attached. The addition of a fireman’s pole, a ships wheel, binoculars, a telescope and other such fun additions can fuel your child’s imagination further still when playing on their climbing frame.


What are you waiting for?

Whatever space you have available in your garden for a climbing frame we can help so pick up the phone and give us a call. We are very experienced in designing climbing frames for all garden sizes. We can send you digital plan drawings showing all dimensions and including our advice on safe surround space.

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Outdoor play your way

Another alternative to our Clubhouse climbing frame is our Castle range, which offer a different style of climbing frame, with just a very slightly bigger footprint than a Clubhouse climbing frame. However, the tyre swing that sits underneath every Castle frame could be just the activity your child needs to stress-bust and let off steam after a long day at school.

We understand that sometimes a trip to the local park is too far or just too much hassle, but throwing the patio doors open and letting them run into the garden, where they’ll be able to get some fresh air and amuse themselves for hours is a win win for both them and you.

Loads of options

Depending on the age / height of your children, we have a range of climbing frames with different platform heights to allow for ease of play now, whilst enabling you to future proof your investment for years to come. The higher sets will enable longer slides, and more challenging climbing walls as your child grows and develops.

As our Rainbow climbing frames are modular, you can also add to your set as your child grows, without necessarily adding to the actual footprint that your chosen climbing frame will take up in your garden. A penthouse can be added on top of our monkey bars, creating a second hideout where your little ones can create a den and spy on the grown-ups. On the ground floor, the wooden tower structure can also be panelled in to create a playhouse with windows where children can create a shop, a puppet theatre, a school, or again, just somewhere to hide.

So, as you can see the possibilities are endless and we really do have a climbing frame for every family and garden space.

Safety (and fun) guaranteed

If you are worried about quality – don’t be. Our children’s wooden climbing frames are designed to ensure they are entertaining and safe, and are manufactured to meet both EN-71 and ASTM safety standards. We offer a lifetime warranty on the wooden elements of all our climbing frames. The accessories also typically have a 5-year warranty too. We are super proud that many of our clients have owned their Rainbow climbing frames for 12-15 years, and longer...big thumbs up!




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