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Best climbing frames for large gardens

If you are fortunate enough to have a large garden space then you have the luxury of being able to choose any of our wooden Rainbow climbing frame styles and ranges…wohoo!


What are you waiting for?

Whatever space you have available in your garden for a climbing frame we can help so pick up the phone and give us a call. We are very experienced in designing climbing frames for all garden sizes. We can send you digital plan drawings showing all dimensions and including our advice on safe surround space.

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All the fun of the park at home!

Why go to the hassle of packing the kids and all their belongings into the car to go to the park when you can enjoy it all within the safe picturesque confines of your lovely large garden, giving your children total exclusivity of a fabulous climbing frame for themselves. Making you the talk of the neighbourhood and a hub for fun parties and family gatherings…

Or just keep it under you hat or should we say hidden in your garden, your choice!

Whether it is our unique Castle style climbing frame with its open play, 360 degree tyre swing and Jacobs rope ladder or the traditional Clubhouse style climbing frame with social play areas such as the sand pit, picnic table set or playhouse den area…Both climbing frames options work really well for larger gardens….in fact why not consider both styles of climbing frames connected together by wooden bridges and funky crawl tunnels for the ultimate dream climbing frame….the possibilities are truly endless!

Decisions, Decisions…

Having a large garden, whilst a great problem to have can sometimes still be a headache as there are just so many options and decsisions that need to be made…But thats why our Rainbow experts are here to help and guide you through any questions you may have.

Rainbow Play Systems (our global big brother) have 35 years of experience in manufacturing, designing, supplying and installing and can advise and give you all the answers you need to create the perfect climbing frame full of fun and magic for your little ones.

Don’t feel that you need to fill your lovely large garden completely with a fabulous wooden climbing frame (but don’t let us stop you!) Coming to Rainbow Play we will talk you through all the options and fun activities that can be added to our climbing frames should you wish to, showcasing our hugely modular, customisable and expandable play system ranges we offer.


We have created wooden climbing frames for small, medium and large gardens with all manner of activities such as slides, swings, bridges, climbing walls and playhouses…as we say, the possibilities are endless.

The advice we give can be based on the lie of the land taking into account safe play zones as there is nothing worse than playing on your new super fun climbing frame and ending up in a hedge when zooming down the slide or even worse swooping onto a hard patio from the tyre swing….safety is massive part of the advice we’ll give you.

Also, consideration will be given with regards to views from the house as it would be frightening to have your toddlers playing on the climbing frame which is tucked away and screened off by shrubs or trees.

We understand it is always good to have visual viewings when younger children are involved!!

A truly flexible playground

One of the best things about having a large garden or space to work with is, that our climbing frames can easily be relocated so you could choose to have it close to the house to start with and then move further away from the house to regain some peace and quiet when they are older and more independent.

This is why our skilled climbing frame on site home surveys is so popular, we can assess the garden with or without you and later discuss suitable locations and orientations for your chosen climbing frame….This is when your childrens dream climbing frame, really starts to become a reality.

Once we have understood your family demographic, wish list of activities, garden space and ofcouse budget we will be able to present back to you by way of digital top down scale plans, 3D CAD drawings and a selections of price quotations.

With two climbing frame styles, six different ranges and a multitude of fun accessories Rainbow Play are confident we can find an awesome wooden climbing frame to suit your needs and pocket!

When buying a Rainbow Play climbing frame you can be reassured that with 35 years experience you are buying into a brand that cares, a brand that will stand the test of time and is backed with an industry leading lifetime warranty on all timber….but most importantly you are building dreams and making memories for your family.

Safety (and fun) guaranteed

If you are worried about quality – don’t be. Our children’s wooden climbing frames are designed to ensure they are entertaining and safe, and are manufactured to meet both EN-71 and ASTM safety standards. We offer a lifetime warranty on the wooden elements of all our climbing frames. The accessories also typically have a 5-year warranty too. We are super proud that many of our clients have owned their Rainbow climbing frames for 12-15 years, and longer...big thumbs up!




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