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Why Are Rainbow Wooden Climbing Frames so Good For Kids?

Apart from the massive smiles and shrieks of fun that you will hear as your children are let loose on an imaginative adventure, the physical benefits are huge and it also is amazing for their mental health and well-being too. 

So, let's start with the physical stuff. 

Development Benefits a Climbing Frame Has on Your Children

Kids who play outside are more likely to enjoy physical activities. It allows them to test their abilities, challenge themselves and strengthen their bodies. A Rainbow wooden climbing frame offers lots of exciting physical opportunities from climbing walls and monkey bars to ninja training kits and trapeze bars, there really is something to suit all children, from toddler to teen. 

Outdoor play also helps with muscle engagement. When a child is on a swing, the have to figure out how to hold on, sit up and follow the movement of the swing, this really helps to develop muscle strength. With over 18 different types of swings, our wooden climbing frames have something for everyone. Baby swings, standard swings, trapeze bars, sky curve swings, ship swings, tyre swings, buoy swings, hammock swings, web swings, gliders, rope swings and lawn swings, that’s lots of muscle development right there. 

With increased obesity in children, it is more important than ever to keep their heart rate increased and their body active. A recent study showed that children who spend more time playing outside are less likely to become obese. 

Another positive reason to get kids outdoor on a Rainbow wooden climbing frame is that exposure to natural sunlight makes sure that they get enough vitamin D, helping bone growth and muscle function. 

The best thing is that kids will be having so much fun on a Rainbow wooden climbing frame, that they won’t even have time to think of it as exercise! Now that’s a win-win! 

Now, let’s look at the other positive impacts outdoor playing can have on your children. 


Other Benefits a Climbing Frame Has on Your Children

If your children struggle to settle at night, or if they experience broken sleep, then making sure your child has more outdoor play could be the answer. When we get more sunlight, our brains become better synchronised with the natural rhythms of day and night. So, when night rolls around, the brain gets ready for sleep more easily as it begins producing the "drowsy making" hormone, melatonin, earlier in the evening. So, not only will a Rainbow wooden climbing frame keep them active all day, but it will also give you a more relaxed evening. 

Being outside has been shown to help children develop their sense of independence. They can try different activities and challenge themselves in ways that they can’t inside. By asking themselves “Can I climb that rock wall” or “Can I go across those monkey bars” they are learning to take calculated risks, strengthening their self-confidence and increasing their independence. With so many different activities to choose from, you can personalise your Rainbow wooden climbing frame with challenges to suit your individual child. 

Kids that spend more time outdoors are, on average, more cooperative and are also more socially expressive. They are more likely to develop stronger reasoning and observation skills. It shows them how to be aware of the space they’re in and to understand the concept of “cause and effect” as they experience all that a Rainbow wooden climbing frame has to offer. From our Clubhouses and Castles through to our Monster and King Kong climbing frames, Rainbow Play UK, really has something that suits each garden and family. Best of all as our wooden climbing frames are modular, you can add new adventures to it as your family grows. Playing outside helps your child to use their imagination and be creative. They can be anything they want, from an intrepid explorer reaching the top of the Mountain to the host of a fabulous afternoon tea party, right through to a teacher, passing on their wisdom or an awesome adventurer swinging through the jungle. A Rainbow wooden climbing frame offers limitless possibilities for their imaginations to soar. 


So, whether your child is a toddler or teen or anything in between, let them un-plug and enjoy the freedom, health and well-being benefits that playing outdoors will give them. 

If you would like to find out more about our wonderful range of wooden climbing frames, call 01276 477461 and speak to one of our fun designers. 

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