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How Old do my Children Need to be to Play on a Climbing Frame?

Climbing frames are a great way to get everyone outside, playing in the garden, socialising, being imaginative and enjoying the fresh air. From tiny tots to teenagers and beyond, everyone can play on and enjoy a climbing frame! 

When Can my Child Start Playing on a Climbing Frame?

Climbing is a wonderful skill that kids start developing between 8-12 months. As a standard, most climbing frame companies recommend that the earliest age is around 3 years, however we believe your child can enjoy a climbing frame from around two years old. We would just recommend you constantly supervise them to ensure their safety. It’s never too soon to get in touch with us - over the years we have even had new to be mums and their bumps planning for a wonderful Rainbow! 

What Climbing Frame Accessories Are Good For my 2 – 5 Year Old?

There are lots of swing options, including a full baby bucket swing seat for infants. The brilliant thing about Rainbow is that you can swap out the swings using a carabiner clip so that you can easily change between swings as your child grows! Our climbing frames also feature a wooden step ladder with nice wide horizontal steps and safety handles which is the go-to way up for smaller children. Slides are also great fun for younger children, as a quick decent to the ground. 

Children at this early developmental stage also love to use the more imaginative accessories like the steering wheel, binoculars and telescope to pretend they are a pirate or racing driver. The activity bays such as our tic tac toe game board gets them playing (hopefully fairly and with rules) whilst the chalkboard lets them express their thoughts and feelings through drawings and words. 

What Climbing Frame Accessories Are Good For my 5 – 10 Year Old?

As kids grow, they really start pushing and challenging themselves with things like the rock walls, rope ladders and monkey bars! Monkey bars are the go for any budding gymnast or to build upper body strength, which can even be enhanced with dual shimmy bars or the devilishly difficult ninja warrior training kit! The fireman's pole is a great way down to ground-level for those confident enough to whizz down it.  


What Climbing Frame Accessories Are Good For my Teenagers?

Don’t worry if you think you have missed the boat… we often get parents with older kids still wanting a climbing frame. That’s where our Monster and King Kong frames with their massive deck heights come into play. Teenagers sometimes think they are too cool for a climbing frame. But with a huge range of accessories, they often become dens or hang-out spaces, as well as a way to challenge their fitness with the taller monkey bars, chin-up bars & much more! We have seen it all too often here at our Surrey show site! They come take a look and curiosity gets the better of them and ultimately have a go! 

Can Adults go on Rainbow Climbing Frames?

Let’s face it adults want to have fun tooThe beauty of the Rainbow brand being manufactured in the USA is that it is big, heavy and sturdy. This means it can also withstand parental interaction, and can happily take mum, dad or grandma on a swing, climbing up the step ladder to stand on the play deck… you can even whizz down a slide! At our show site on a weekend, we can have up to 10 families all running, climbing and sliding at once – including parents! 
We hope this has helped answer your questions on this topic, however if you do have any more questions, or if there’s anything else we can help you with, please give us a call on 01276 477461!