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Climbing Frames For Small Budgets

So, you want to invest in a quality wooden climbing frame for your children, but you only have a small budget? You may be thinking that this is an un-achievable dream…well the good news is we are here to tell you that it is possible! Hurrah! 

We think it is fair to say that safety is of paramount concern to parents when it comes to investing in any outdoor play equipment for their children. But once you start looking at what is available on the market things can quickly become a balancing act between quality, safety and value for money… 


As we have reported time and time again over the years…not all wooden climbing frames are equal…not all are able to offer the same customer satisfaction in the flesh as they do on a super imposed image on the internet. These are things to consider when researching what you can achieve with your budget. 

The good news is that Rainbow has, and always will be the safest wooden climbing frames on the market! We have been building dreams since 1996 and Rainbow are America’s most trusted brand of wooden climbing frames by parents. And they really are the experts as so many families there have the outdoor space to invest in a climbing frame for their kids! 

So, once you have considered factors including safety and quality…budget can be the deciding factor on what model, type and brand of climbing frame you decide to go with. 


A good question to ask yourself during this decision-making process is how long would you like the climbing frame to last your children? When we ask our customers this, the most common answer is ‘for many years to come’ or ‘for as long as possible’…which is totally achievable with a Rainbow Climbing Frames! 

If you would only like to see the frame, get 1 or maybe 2 years of use then your decision of which climbing frame to go for may be easier as there are a vast amount of climbing frames out there that will do just that but nothing more! They will be smaller, less well built and less ‘fun’…causing children to physically grow out of and/or get bored of the frame very, very quickly. Leaving your investment to sit unused and rotting in the garden. Cue sad face… 

There are plenty of things that we can do at the climbing frame design stage to ensure that your budget is spent on the right accessories to see your children through their current stage of life/play and those to come! We have swings options that grow with your children, accessories to suit the teeny-tiny – all the way through to the early teens. And the more information that you can give us at the beginning, the better we can plan and future-proof your investment so that you get that all-important value for money. 


In addition to this we now offer a variety of ways to finance a climbing frame and the benefits of this are twofold! On one hand our finance options can help you invest in a Rainbow climbing frame in its entirety or it can offer you a way to go for something bigger and merely put the extra over and above your initial budget on finance. Either way…it’s a win-win! 

To find out more about what we have to fit a small budget, a small space and/or how our finance options work please contact us!