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Does my Garden Need to be Flat to Have a Climbing Frame?

At Rainbow, we often get asked about how flat gardens need to be or if Rainbow Climbing Frames need to be on a special surface. In an ideal world, the simple answer would be yes... but let’s face it, even looking out to our own gardens, we will have slopes, undulations, lumps bumps and even tiers to contend with. Sadly, you cannot simply rest a climbing frame on uneven ground, the structure does need to be level to make sure it is safe for your little ones to use!

What if my Garden Isn’t Flat?

Over our 28 years of operating here in the UK, Rainbow have seen and dealt with all kinds of terrains and, with the expertise of the in-house installers, we have learnt to deal with and overcome almost all garden conditions… even on the side of a hill in Wales! The more we can understand and learn about a project before the big day, the smoother the installation will be. Preparation is always key. This can be through providing photographs of the garden space, utilising the modern age of video calls or even a personal home site visit. An uneven garden will cause the self-builder no end of issues and where professional installation can really come into play. Whilst we don’t offer a full landscaping service, we are able to dig and channel in the structure to ensure the play deck, swing beam are all perfectly level.


Does a Rainbow Climbing Frame Need to be Fixed to the Ground?

Climbing frames can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and interestingly weights. Rainbow frames are by far and away the heaviest systems on the market… not surprising as they come from the U.S. This means the beauty of a Rainbow, with its weight and large splaying footprint, is that it is freestanding with no fixing or ground anchoring required, unlike our competitors.

So What Surface Does my Rainbow Climbing Frame Need to Sit on?

Upon answering the question of ‘does my garden need to be flat?’ there is always a further question of what do I need to put under my climbing frame? For most clients there will be a grassed or lawned area designated and that is perfectly fine. Grass or lawn means there’s no further expense for you to cover when installing your climbing frame. However, some customers like to explore different surfaces to put their climbing frame on. Surfaces such as play bark or play rubber can be safer for children to play on, and they can also improve the aesthetics and enhance the look of your garden.
During your ownership of a Rainbow Climbing Frame, you may as a family look to move house. If you have owned a climbing frame for a few years and this has become part of your children’s everyday enjoyment, then the last thing you would want to do is leave it with the old house.


So, providing your new garden has enough space, why not take the frame with you using our relocation service?!  Costs are calculated on the set you own combined with the distance between the two postcodes. We complete a large number of relocations every year, as families really do love their Rainbow Climbing Frames!

We hope this has helped answer your questions about how flat your garden needs to be to have a Rainbow Climbing Frame. However, if there is anything else we can help you with, please get in touch with the team at!