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What to do if Your Kids Grow Out of Their Climbing Frame

How to Keep the Fun For Years to Come on a Climbing Frame

Are you noticing that your Rainbow wooden climbing frame isn’t getting used as much as it once was? If your little ones have been neglecting their climbing frame because they need a little more motivation to play outside – here are some great ways to get them unplugged and playing outside! 

1. Reintroduce the FUN

When games only have winners or losers, those that don’t win may feel discouraged and not want to play outside anymore. To avoid this try introducing your children to games that can be played when they are alone or just to have good old-fashioned fun. They can make a den in their wooden climbing frame, have a picnic with friends or toys, play hide and seek or even tag. The options are endless and come packed with so many smiles they’ll never be bored again! 

2. Join in!

Bring out the inner child in you by joining in with your kids’ outdoor activities – we know you want to! When was the last time you played tag or tried to see how high you could swing? Whether you play with your child one-on-one or organize a garden fun-day for the whole family, you will create memories that both you and your child will remember forever. 

3. Avoid using physical activity as a punishment

Some children grow up seeing physical activity as a punishment. Whether that’s they had to do ‘extra laps’ in a sports lesson or having their favourite sports practice withheld for misbehaving. We should try to use physical activity as a reward so the child will develop a far more positive relationship with it as they grow! 


The BRILLIANT thing about a Rainbow wooden climbing frame is that it is modular! Allowing you to add-on or swap-out accessories as your children grow. From baby-bucket swings to sling-swings and monkey bars that you can add trek-trails and pull up bars onto - we are on hand to talk you through various solutions, therefore achieving a much longer life for your climbing frame to be enjoyed. 

Unfortunately, they don’t stay kids forever though. Your children will eventually move on to different outdoor interests, such as opting to jump on a trampoline or shoot hoops instead of climb on their trusty playset. Luckily, our modular design means there is no reason why this would happen before they reach at least their early teens. But when the day finally comes, here are a few ideas on how you can recycle your Rainbow wooden climbing frame. 

A great way to continue the legacy of creating childhood memories is to gift your Rainbow to a neighbour or family member with young children. We have installer teams ready to assist you with the relocation and reinstall part, so don’t worry! 

We provide a service to help you disassemble, reassemble and relocate your Rainbow to its new forever home. Any tired parts can be replaced so that your hand-me-down Rainbow climbing frame looks as good as new! 


If you are not quite ready to part with your beloved Rainbow wooden climbing frame just yet, here are a few ideas of how to convert it to an adult and teenager’s oasis: 

  • Create a relaxing garden area: Remove the slides and swings from the playset, plant trees and other plants around it, throw some cushions & blankets in, string some lights around the playset’s frame and voila, it is now a great tranquil relaxation space for young adults! 
  • Homework and chillout area: As your kids grow up, they tend to stop playing and start doing more homework and socialising. Re-purpose your climbing frame as a place for your growing kids to get some fresh air while they do their homework or chillout with their friends. Replacing the swings and slides with different seating options and fairy lights will make all the difference. Let them make it their own and we are sure they will fall in love with it all over again! 
Any questions you might have on climbing frames, contact us!