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5 Top Tips For Buying a Wooden Climbing Frame

Looking to add your dream climbing frame to your garden? Look no further! Here at Rainbow Play, we have over 20 years of experience in designing and creating dream wooden climbing frames for families all over the UK! We will be with you every step of the way, to answer any questions and make the sure your whole Rainbow experience is amazing! Investing in a Rainbow Climbing frame is a special decision, so we’ve put together 5 top tips to consider when buying your dream climbing frame… 

Our Top Five Tips

Top Tip #1 – Always Get a Feel For The Quality

Good news! Our show sites are now open, by appointment, for you to come and play on our climbing frames! Most other retailers in the business won’t have their models on display, but we feel it is so important for our customers to come and get a true feel for the quality of a Rainbow Climbing Frame. Come and meet us, ask us questions, let the kids play and get to know everything Rainbow! With your Garden size in mind and child’s interests at heart, we can start designing your dream wooden climbing frame! Made from 100% Cedar wood, we have a huge range of play frames meaning we are sure to find one which will fit perfectly your garden. Our Climbing Frames do look fabulous on the website; however, nothing quite compares to seeing them in person. Give us a call on 01276 477461 today, to arrange an appointment with one of our dream designers! 

Top Tip #2 – How Quickly Will Your Children Grow Out of it?

We know kids grow up so fast but not to worry as Rainbow Climbing Frames can grow just as fast as they do! Our entire range is modular, so you can start with a one of our smaller sets with swings, slide and a climbing wall to keep younger children busy, and as they grow and their interests change, you can add monkey bars, penthouses and climbing walls and other accessories to satisfy their curiosity and keep them occupied right through to their teenage years! 

Top tip #3 – How Long is The Warranty Valid For?

When buying a climbing frame, it’s always important to make sure that it’s going to last for years to come! We offer the best warranty in the climbing frame business! As we use the highest quality materials to build our play sets, we are able to offer an outstanding lifetime warranty on all of the Cedar wood components! There are quite literally hundreds of components that go into making each Rainbow Climbing Frame which are all covered by either a lifetime warranty or five-year warranty, to give you peace of mind and give your family a lifetime of memories. 

Top Tip #4 – Do The Shake Test!

When you go to see any climbing frame, it’s always important to give the frame a good wiggle! How sturdy does it feel? Does it shake? Do the joints move? We love showing our customers just how strong and sturdy Rainbow Climbing Frames really are. The chunky beams are crafted from solid Cedar wood and are securely bolted together to make sure that there is no movement at all in the frame. Go on, have a shake… there is no way they’ll move! 

Being so large and tough also means that our climbing frames are completely adult proof! The high decks and spacious roofs, make running round the play sets after cheeky little monkeys that little bit easier, even as fully grown adults. So go and play with the kids or even have a go on the slide after they’ve gone to bed… the choice is yours! 


Top Tip #5 – Sustainability is Key!

We are extremely proud to be green! When buying a wooden climbing frame, it is so important to consider the wood used in the manufacturing process. Owning a Rainbow means making an environmentally responsible choice. Our play sets are built with 100% certified Cedar timber and for every tree we harvest to make a Rainbow Climbing Frame, five new trees are planted. We work with mills that make our supply of Cedar wood does not come from over harvested area or harm any wildlife habitats. As our wooden climbing frames are made with only 100% solid cedar, you can rest assured that no safety or quality is compromised, as we will never use any glued timber. 

Now it’s time to make the all-important decision… but we’re sure you’ll make the right choice! We hope these tips have helped you in your decision to invest in a Rainbow Wooden Climbing Frame. For more information head over to our frequently asked questions page or get in touch with one of the team on (01276) 477461 or