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Girl On Rainbow Rockwall

How to choose age-appropriate accessories for your climbing frame!

When browsing the market or shopping for a wooden climbing frame it is all too easy to lose sight of the wood from the trees (pardon the pun). We talk a lot about it in our blogs. Today’s market i
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What to look out for when buying a second-hand wooden playset

Having a wooden climbing frame in your garden is such a great way to make outdoor play time readily available all year round. A playset in your back garden lets children have time to unwind and le
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What to do if your kids grow out of their climbing frame

How to keep the fun for years to come! Are you noticing that your Rainbow wooden climbing frame isn’t getting used as much as it once was? If your little ones have been neglecting their climbing f
Castles Vs Clubhouses Hero

Castles Vs. Clubhouses

Castles Vs. Clubhouses…which one should I BUY?? So, you have made the decision buy a Rainbow wooden climbing frame for your children. Firstly, may we congratulate you and offer you the warmest of w
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The 4 things you need to know before you buy a wooden climbing frame

The 4 things you need to know before you buy a wooden climbing frame. Searching for the perfect wooden playset can be a daunting task. Which wood
Children Playing Outside Exploring

Adventure is out what are we waiting for...

A recent survey found that children in the UK are spending an astonishingly low 16 MINUTES
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Imagination will get you everywhere!

Did you know that pretend play is about more than just having fun?? Here is why you really should let
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We are lighting it up BLUE for Autism Awareness Week!

How outdoor play benefits children with Autism. From 26th March to 2nd April this year it’s The National Autistic Society’s World Autism Awareness Week. Figures now show that at least 1 in eve
St Benedict's School Ealing - Early Years Learning through play

Our children need to unplug and go climb, And here’s why….

Climbing benefits our children in so many amazing ways… Children learning to climb often induces feelings of terror for first time and experienced parents alike. In reality, learning to climb
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Wooden climbing frames for your garden

Kids Garden Wooden Climbing Frames  At Rainbow Play Systems we have a huge range of climbing frames for sale for you to choose

THE THREE Q’s when buying a wooden climbing frame

A Quality Product needs Quality Service with Quality Aftercare! What’s important when buying a wooden climbing frame? Fun & Quality are normally the leading

7 ways to beat the January blues

The Christmas festivities are over and the crash back to reality was pretty rough too. School runs have taken the top spot, followed closely by swiftly mounting piles of ironing…and the weather is u
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Did you know our children are weak

We all know that children are a lot less active than they should be. Children today spend way too much time sitting – at school, in front of screens, and getting driven about. Obesity levels in ch

Why your children need to play in the cold…

The days are shorter, the temperature is cooler and autumn is coming to an end for another year… BUT; cooler days shouldn’t mean you stay inside. (In fact, playing in the cold is really beneficial
Kids on wooden climbing frame swings

Boys and Girls

Why do my son and his friends bound around the garden and all over the climbing frame like a herd of baby elephants, while my daughter and her friends play in the house, chat while swinging, and role
Garden climbing frame

Get Your Wooden Climbing Frame Summer Ready!

So, the first day of Spring has arrived, evenings are lighter, and it’s time to start preparing your garden and most importantly your wooden climbing frame for summer! Safety first - Having protect
wooden climbing frame with rockwall & swings

10 Questions to Ask When Buying Your Climbing Frame

So, having done the research and made the decision to take the plunge and buy our first Rainbow Play climbing frame, I wanted to make sure I got it right. Choosing the right one for my kids and making
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Choosing the perfect climbing frame for your kids and garden

  Choosing the perfect climbing frame for your kids and your garden can be a dilemma. There’s so many to choose from, so many considerations. And let’s face it, they’re not cheap, so this is a
children outdoor play with wooden climbing frame

Get Outside & Get Some Fresh Air!

  Mums for centuries have told their kids to get outside and get some fresh air, but why is it so important? Do they just want the kids out from under their feet or is there real benefit to it? The
Wood Stain Climbing Frame

Wooden Climbing Frame Maintenance

The safety of your children is important to us. At Rainbow Play we always use the highest quality building materials so we can provide the best wooden climbing frames/ swing sets and the best climbing

Climbing Frames this Black Friday!

We have two fantastic offers on our Rainbow Play Systems this Black Friday weekend.  This is the best discount we will be offering this side of Christmas.  Our Christmas delivery schedule is getting

End of Season Sale

THIS SALE HAS ENDED. If you are interested in Rainbow Play and would like to find out if we have any offers please contact sales on 01276 477461 We have some absolutely fantastic discounts avail

Swinging from Garage to Global; Wooden climbing frames and swing sets for the next generation.

As part of their "Built in America" manufacturing showcase, AOL America visited the Rainbow Play factory in Brookings, South Dakota.  In the last 30 years Rainbow Play Systems Inc. has transitioned