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Wooden Climbing Frame Maintenance

The safety of your children is important to us. At Rainbow Play we always use the highest quality building materials so we can provide the best wooden climbing frames/ swing sets and the best climbing frame warranties in the industryWe stand behind our warranty and want to offer great service in the future, but we need your help to do thatWe have outlined a few tips & reminders to help ensure you receive the best Rainbow warranty experience possible years down the road. 

Register Your Swing Set

We now have a website where you can register your swing set –

Keep Receipts

Think of all the places you shop that require proof of purchase to return items to receive refunds or exchanges. Rainbow is no exception. It is important for you to keep your receipt in your records. Unfortunately, we have numerous locations world-wide and sell many climbing framesIf you purchased from Rainbow Play UK who are a certified Rainbow Dealer we should be able to track you on our system, but the more information you have the better for usPlease understand however that the warranty is voided if either the set is sold and purchased second hand, or it is not maintained.

You MUST Maintain Your Set

Caring for your swing set is important. You would never ignore a needed oil change on a vehicle and expect the company to replace your car because you didn’t take the time to keep it in tip-top shape. Your Rainbow is just like any other property you own. You want to keep it properly maintained for the years of use you just paid for.  If your wooden climbing frame /swing set is not properly maintained, especially applying a protective sealant on a regular basis, the warranty would be void. Every instruction manual comes with a maintenance section for the climbing frame / swing set. 

Always remember, wood is organic. It grows out of the earth and is imperfect. Knots, knot holes, and surface cracks are natural characteristics of wood that are not covered under warranty unless it is structurally unsound. We check our lumber to make sure it is top grade and take pride in our wood & suppliers. It is up to the customer to keep it that way. You must maintain the wood to keep it in first-class condition. Wood does break down eventually but if you treat it regularly with sealant, it will last much longer and hold up better to the elements. 

Make sure you look the set over for loose hardware several times during the usage season. Swinging and jostling of the set will sometimes cause bolts to shift in place and loosen. When this is not taken care of parts can become damaged and we cannot cover this. 

To help you maintain your Rainbow Play we sell wood sealant for purchase only from our stores in Bagshot and Wilmslow as well as safety checksTo find out more about our products and services please email 


Inspect Your Play Set and Your Property

Depending on the region you live in you may have problems with insects and some have a big appetite for lumber! Do you have insects that have set up a permanent residence in your set? Carpenter Bees, along with other various insects, can be destructive when it comes to wood, unless you take the necessary precautions, or address it as soon it is found. We advise you to check your play set regularly and maintain the lumber to avoid these pesky unwanted insects, because Carpenter Bee damage is not covered under our warranty. Just like your home, deck, or fence with insect infestation you need to take care of the problem immediately to avoid serious structural damageThere are various types of insect deterrents and repellents online depending on the insect type. Many websites provide ways to stop further damage as well. 

We Don’t Like To Admit It, But Some Things Are Out Of Our Control

There may be times when you are tempted to modify your play set on your own or have a third party, other than a Rainbow authorised dealer, alter it, but you may want to reconsider, as it may not be worth it.  The warranty does not cover unauthorised alterations or any other types of vandalism to your swing set. 

There are a few things that we cannot cover because they are acts of God, and not within our control.  These things include, but are not limited to lightning, high winds, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, fires, and trees falling on the swing set.  However, since your play set is on your property, many homeowners’ insurance policies will cover some of these types of damages. 


You Will Need To Do Some Work When Submitting A Warranty Claim

We do require photos of your play setWe will need one photo of the complete unit, and photos of each component you would like us to cover under warrantyWe reserve the right to have the parts shipped to us at your expense, but we would prefer to be able to service you without doing so.

You May Incur Costs

Rainbow covers the component under warranty, and we ship the parts to you or the local showroom, but shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.  As you can imagine with such large parts, freight charges can become costly, but we work with several companies to obtain the best possible rate. The local showroom may be able to install the components for you as well, but that would also be at your own expense. 

Please go to this link to see the Rainbow Play Systems warranty in its entirety.