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10 Questions to Ask When Buying Your Climbing Frame

So, having done the research and made the decision to take the plunge and buy our first Rainbow Play climbing frame, I wanted to make sure I got it right. Choosing the right one for my kids and making sure I had the answers to all the questions I had was essential. 

I spoke to James, Sales Manager at Rainbow Play and asked him about everything I needed to know. 

Q: The total size I have available for a climbing frame is 8m X 6m, which frames do you have that would fit my space? Do I choose from what’s available to fit or are they made up according to my feature requirements?

★ Our systems are modular, so we can create a system to fit your space and to factor in safe play zones around the equipment. 

Q: Can the climbing frame sit on the grass or do I need to buy surfacing?

★ The answer is either. Yes, it can sit on the grass, or there is a range of surfacing solutions available from the amazing Softbond rubber surface or for a more rustic feel in the garden try using our play grade, wood chips with a softwood sleeper surround.  


Q: How tall is the climbing frame?

★ Our frames come in many different platform heights to cater for toddlers right up to teenagers. It is important to get a height you are comfortable with but ultimately one that your children can grow into. 

Q: If the frame I choose doesn’t have all the features I want as standard (or there isn’t one that covers everything I need) - can I add them? (e.g. monkey bars, climbing wall, slide, etc.)

★ Yes, we can add a huge number of accessories/components to our frames, just let us know your wish list and let the experts design it. 

Q: What does the warranty cover? Accidental damage? Weather damage? Broken bits?

★ You get a lifetime warranty on all timbers giving you peace of mind that this is designed to last in the garden. This warranty will cover you for structural failure such as rot. 


Q: If parts do get broken are replacement parts easy to order?

★ No matter how old your system is Rainbow will always be able to produce/supply replacement parts. 

Q: Who will assemble it? Is this included in the price?

★ We have dedicated installation teams with over 30 years combined experience. Pricing for installation will depend on two factors, your chosen system, and location. 

Q: How will it get into my garden? Access space down the side of the house – is it in parts, how wide does the access need to be?

★ Our systems albeit large are supplied in component format so can fit down the narrowest of gaps. 


Q: Do I need any form of insurance? With other people’s kids playing on it etc.? Public liability?

★ Our systems are residential climbing frames and as such don’t require any form of insurance. 

Q: Does the wood need care/maintenance? Will it get slimy like garden decking can if it’s not cared for?

★ All timbers that are outside will need a degree of care and maintenance. We would recommend treating the timbers with the Rainbow Waterseal preservative ideally every year or at least 18 months. This will protect the timbers and will also keep your lifetime warranty valid. 

Thank you, James! One happy mum, armed with knowledge, off to buy a climbing frame! Any other questions you might have, contact us!