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How Long Will I Have my Climbing Frame?

So, you’ve spent ages researching garden wooden climbing frames on the internet, have spent hours looking at pictures and going through different brochures, you’ve created a wish list of what the family would really like to have on their dream climbing frame and now you feel totally ready to make your decision and purchase the perfect climbing frame.  

STOP…Before you make your decision and commitment, we would highly recommend that you take the time to visit a showroom. Why?  So, you can see the wooden climbing frames up close and in real life. 


They say a picture paints a thousand words, but not in all cases. Clever ways to make things seem bigger are common practice on the internet and this makes it so hard for you to understand the true size of any product but especially children’s climbing frames. So how can you possibly know how many years of enjoyment it will provide for your family? 

At Rainbow Play UK, we have nationwide showrooms that we encourage you to come and visit, meaning that you can see the quality, size and best of all your children can put our climbing frames to the test and come and try them out. As our wooden climbing frames are substantial, we are also happy for parents and carers to climb and have fun too.  


Longevity is a key part of our wooden climbing frames and at Rainbow our climbing frames are all modular, so that as your children grow, so can your climbing frame. Not only does it mean that it lasts for years, it will also offer you the chance to spread the cost over that time period too.  

Our platform heights range from 5ft up to 7ft 2 and we offer split levels, which is great for the families with mixed ages of children, we recommend our wooden climbing frames for children from the age of 2 right up to the start of their teen years, giving you peace of mind that it won’t be too small in a few years.  

We have a vast range of play activities and can offer play solutions for the whole family, from those less adventurous right through to the most adventurous. From baby bucket swings and standard sling seats, to tyre swings, trapeze swings, web swings, rope swings, gliders and many more and that’s just our swings. Straight slides, wavy slides, swirly tube slides and monkey bars, shimmy bars and ninja training kits, Rainbow wooden climbing frames offer a play activity for everyone. 

All Rainbow wooden climbing frames are made from 100% natural big beam cedar, which is a highly revered, durable wood that naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects. University studies have shown cedar is a high durability to outdoor applications. Rainbow wooden climbing frames also have the best warranty in the industry…. a lifetime one* giving you peace of mind in the quality of our climbing frames. 


So, if you’re looking for a wooden climbing frame, that will offer a superb range of play activities with endless customisation and the ability to grow as your family does, lasting for many many years, then Rainbow Play UK should be the number one wooden climbing frame company that you contact.  

You can reach us by calling 01276 477461 to speak to one of our amazing fun designers. If you would like to view our look book, you can download it here 

*Subject to terms & conditions.