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The Greatorex family

The Greatorex family

The Greatorex family came to us looking for a wooden climbing frame that would work well in their garden space, which was a specific size and was sloping.

They had a growing family with a boy of 2, who was very tall and adventurous and another little boy on the way. So, a wooden climbing frame for young children was important as well as making sure that it offered longevity so that they wouldn’t grow out of it as they grew older.

Mum and Dad wanted a wooden climbing frame that was hard wearing and durable and it was important that it was aesthetically pleasing and would blend in seamlessly with its surroundings so a wooden roof was a must.


They decided on a Turbo Carnival Clubhouse, meaning that the height was maximised whilst also keeping to the required footprint. Some groundwork was required from the customer to make the slope workable for a Clubhouse design and we made sure to orientate it so that the slide followed the slope of the land.


They decided on a package 4 to maximise the climbing elements with a rock wall and a further climb into the penthouse section making sure that the children would be challenged whilst young, with monkey bars there to enjoy as the children grew older.

As all Rainbow wooden climbing frames are modular, you can add other features and accessories as your family grows from extra platforms and different slides to plenty of swinging options and even a ninja training kit. There really is something for everyone from toddler to teen and even Mum & Dad can comfortably join in the fun.

The final decision to be made was on the colour of the accents, like the slide, swings and rock wall. It was decided to go for green to further blend the frame into its surroundings, meaning that the wooden climbing frame really did blend in beautifully with the garden and it has proved to be a real fun magnet with all the family and they are looking forward to making more happy garden memories for years and years to come.



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Whatever space you have available in your garden for a climbing frame we can help so pick up the phone and give us a call. We are very experienced in designing climbing frames for all garden sizes. We can send you digital plan drawings showing all dimensions and including our advice on safe surround space.

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