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Creating a stunning climbing frame in a very unique part of a family garden.

Every child’s dream was at the bottom of their garden, a secret forest and the family wanted to use this amazing space and to create something really special.

The family was made up of Mum, Dad and two kids and they wanted a climbing frame that would keep the kids engaged and interested as their family grew.

To start with our Rainbow experts arranged a site visit, where they could see the area, measure the space available and sit down and talk with the family about their wish lists. The kids especially enjoyed this part, adding as many different ways up and down as they could possibly think of.  

With the information that this visit produced we were able to come up with some initial design ideas. We showed the family our thoughts and they excitedly decided on which one they felt was their favourite. Once the design was confirmed, we were able to start making the dream a reality.



In-between design confirmation and the installation period we sent out our senior installer for a final double-check, looking at the technical and logistical practicalities. At this point, the safety surfacing was confirmed and they chose shredded rubber.

The installation week arrived and our expert installers were able to work their magic in this wonderful space, taking just under a week from start to finish.

The final verdict from the excited explorers was an absolute delight. They loved the new play area and were ready to be kept entertained for years to come at all the endless possibilities available for play.

 This project was a considerable build and was in the region of £45k fully installed.


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