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A play area for 3 adventurous boys

Creating a play area for 3 adventurous boys!

We love designing the perfect wooden climbing frame and pride ourselves on being able to find the right solution for everybody.

We recently had the pleasure of designing a play area for a family of 3 very adventurous boys aged 7, 5 and 4. We had to consider the different ages now, whilst making sure that it would still be adventurous and stimulating as they got older.

Due to the pandemic, we were unable to start with a site visit, so to begin with we worked with photos of the garden space. This still enabled us to pinpoint the location that would give them the most amount of play for their budget.


The large garden gave us lots of options and the final location towards the back facing the house was decided, giving the children a fantastic play area, allowing Mum & Dad to be able to still see them from the house. 

We looked at a multi-platformed climbing frame with a larger swing beam, meaning that all 3 could enjoy having fun swinging together, with plenty of activities and lookout points, all aimed at giving them the most amount of active and imaginative play possible. 

The space that was chosen would also mean that they could add further activities over the coming years.

The family had been looking at wooden climbing frames for the past year or so and when the time was ready for them, they knew which brand they could trust to give them what they wanted.

Our amazing team were able to go from initial conversations to the final installation in just 4-weeks! 

The family are absolutely loving their new wooden climbing frame and we love seeing the huge smiles on the boys' faces as they enjoy having new adventures, making memories to last a lifetime.



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