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A new Rainbow Climbing Frame for a new house!

A new Rainbow Climbing Frame for a new house

We first met the Bishop family when they came to visit us at the Rainbow Show Site at Longacres Garden Centre in Surrey in October 2020.  They were moving house very soon and wanted a lovely Rainbow Climbing frame for their young son and a baby daughter to play on and make memories together as a family.

They immediately fell in love with one of the sets on display.  The fantastic Rainbow Castle we had at our show site had almost all of the elements they wanted, but after chatting through a few options and making some changes, we created their dream climbing frame. The Bishops decided to remove of the corkscrew climber, and in its place an additional slide was added, as well as a couple of tweaks to the swing choices. The decision was final! They place an order placed, locking in the autumn prices of the time, and just paying a holding deposit to secure stock. 

Due to some delays in their house move, the climbing frame installation didn’t happen until March 2021.  In addition to the actual set, the Bishops also decided to create a dedicated play area in their garden.


We talked through the various surfacing options, settling on a timber surround with high grade earth tones shredded rubber filling.  A couple of extra activities including 2 chalk boards, and a tic tac toe game and a final swing change were added to the order.  The surface and build took 2 days, and the result looks amazing!  The Bishops were delighted and their children absolutely loved it!