The Adventures of George and Pippa - The Jungle explorers

Today Pippa and George are helping Mum in the garden; “it’s like a jungle out here” she says. The overgrown bushes and shrubs give the two a great idea and spark their imagination. They look at each other with a huge grin. Here’s where the adventure begins…

 Clinging onto the rope as they climb the big rock wall, Pippa and George make their way to the top of Mount Rainbow.

“Look at those Monkeys!” swinging through the tree’s shouts Pippa.

“Watch me…I can do that” says George.

Swinging from branch to branch across the trek trails they make their way through the jungle. The further they go the more they realize this is no ordinary jungle... this one has more twists, turns and things to climb than their school playground!

They reach the end of the branches, dangling above the other trees. They see a ledge not too far away. “How will we get down?” asks Pippa. “Over here!” exclaims George. They climb over to a long green vine in front of them… clutching onto it, they slide down it like a fireman’s pole.

Up ahead was a scary crocodile swamp, “George lookout!” shouts Pippa.

Without hesitating George stands to a halt. “Oh no, how are we going to make our way around this?” “Over there!” exclaims Pippa as she points to the spiral slide in the distance. “Quick, Let’s go!” 

They both run as fast as they can, leaving the crocodiles in the distance…phew, that was close!

Still running as they approach the slide, they can finally slow down and catch their breath. 

“Weeeeeee!” “This is fun!” Says George taking the first steps and leaping straight down the slide. “We had a lucky escape, George! I’m right behind you” Pippa shouts down the slide as she takes a big jump. 

As time passes by, the pair can’t help but wonder where the slide will lead them... round and around each twist and turn. “I can see the end, Pippa!”. 

George starts to slow down as the view in the distance gets closer and closer. He stands to his feet in complete silence. Pippa’s not far behind and suddenly shoots out the slide and jumps to her feet. They look at each other realising what’s in front of them. The very same overgrown bush where their Rainbow Jungle adventure began. 

“Same again tomorrow?” Pippa looks at George; nodding in agreement they both run into the house to tell Mum and Dad where they’ve been today.


Where will their Rainbow Adventure take them tomorrow?


Let their imagination’s soar, with a Rainbow Climbing frame.