The Haunted Clubhouse

Walking down the stairs George adds the finishing touches to his costume. “There! With this mask on I’m untouchable! You can’t catch this caped crusader!” Pippa follows him down, broomstick and toy cat in hand. Today, George and Pippa have an exciting Halloween party at home with all their friends from school.   “I wonder what everyone’s dressed as, I hope I’m the only one here as Mildred the Witch!” shouts Pippa.  Mum and Dad are putting out the spooky snacks and blood-stained squash ready for everyone to arrive.

 “Mum, can we play outside before everyone gets here? Please please please!” asks George. “Go on then, quickly. But don’t get dirty!” says Mum.

 Running outside, both George and Pippa leave their hats and masks behind. Here’s where the adventure begins…

Walking slowly through the cobwebs and hanging spiders, they make their way up towards the haunted Clubhouse. As they climb the rock wall, they realise they’re not alone.

“Can you hear that? It sounds like music and dancing” Pippa says, puzzled. “I think it’s coming from over there, near the steps” George investigates.  As they walk over to the upper deck they spot a bright orange glow in the distance… sounds of pattering feet getting louder and louder.  “Over there! Look” shouts George.

In the distance they see an orange glow. They look closer and spot four glowing skeletons in a row, dancing and jumping around. They creep over to the bubble panel to get a better view when suddenly the skeletons stop. They all turn to watch Pippa and George... everything goes silent.  

“They’ve spotted us! Run!” screams Pippa. Running away from the upper deck they head towards the swirling tube slide. Heading towards safety, they breathe a sigh of relief.  “Phew! That was close…” whispers George, as they reach the end of the slide.

They clamber out of the slide and quickly run over to the drawbridge. Holding onto a rope each, they climb onto the top level. Looking to their left, something catches their eye…something hanging from the trapeze bar.

As they move closer, they notice the tyre swing on the other side of the Clubhouse slowly swinging back and forth. creaking. It’s a bat!  Pippa and George nudge each other excitedly, they’d never seen a bat before!  The bat unfolds one of its wings and points underneath them to the lower level. They decide to go and explore.

Finding the ladder, they climb down to see what’s below… 

The lower level of the Clubhouse was filled with skulls and broomsticks. As they wonder through George spots something strange.

“What’s this? I wonder where it leads to…” He says turning suddenly. Moving the broomsticks and skulls out the way, they look at the door both equally as puzzled until Pippa notices something.

“There’s a doorbell George. Do you think someone lives in here?” Asks Pippa. “Let’s try it and see if the door opens” Says George. Reaching forward he presses the doorbell. With its echoing sound he turns around to look at Pippa.

“Come on you two! People are here!” Shouts Dad. The doorbell at the front door is still playing as they run inside. “Maybe tomorrow we’ll find out what’s behind the door George. Let’s tell our friends about our adventure!”


Where will their Rainbow take them tomorrow?