The Adventure of George and Pippa

Waking up on a clear sunny day with not a cloud in sight!

“Look what I’ve found, Pippa!” shouts George, putting on a pirate hat. Pippa laughs, “Wow, you look awesome, I’ve got an idea…Follow me”

Running out to the garden, they take their first step up the chunky wooden steps towards the upper deck. This is where their adventure begins…

They look out from under the brightly coloured rainbow roof at the vast ocean sea around them.

Spotting something glistening in the distance, Pippa rushes up to the crow’s nest to get a better view. She jumps behind the binoculars and peers through. “Wow a rainbow!” she exclaims, nudging George. “I wonder what’s at the end?” he asks, pointing at a sparkling heap. Pippa can’t believe her eyes…” treasure!”.

Both jumping with excitement, they run to the other side of the ship. Over at the control panel, they spin the panels typing in the coordinates as they go – “X O X O”. George makes his way back to the upper deck, taking control of the wheel, while Pippa navigates from the crow’s nest.

As their ship draws closer and the treasure becomes clearer, they both sense trouble. Looking behind them, they spot another ship in the distance with its black sails and initials “M & D” written in-between skull and crossbones.

“Quick George! We need to get the treasure before they do!” Shouts Pippa.

George climbs the rope ladder and drops the sails making them speed up so the ship is nothing but a dot in the distance. He raises the flags in victory!

“Phew! Let’s not get too excited just yet... but it looks like they’ve gone” George says whilst gripping his telescope.

As the winds drop, they slow down, realising they’re near the chest of shining rainbow treasure, getting the anchor ready to lower down to stop their boat and claim the amazing prize ……But then, out of nowhere the black pirate ship returns with a sharp bolt of lightning as it pulls up next to them!

“Oh no! Quick let’s get the treasure and get out of here!”

They pull the treasure chest aboard and set sail. “Land ahoy!’ Pippa yells down the megaphone. 

But this time it’s hard to get away from the pirate ship as it sails close by their side getting nearer and nearer. As they appear out of the fog the pirates start to look familiar to Pippa and George. The pirates start to wave and shout but they’re not close enough to hear them.

Heading back to the crow’s nest the shouting becomes louder and louder.

“Lunchtime!” shouts Mum, calling the two explorers back in. Their adventure was over and it was time to head back inside. 

“Come on George, we’ll decide what to do with our treasure later…”

The two smiled at each other, excited to tell Mum and Dad about today’s adventure.


Where will Rainbow take them tomorrow?


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