The Magic Climbing Frame by Hayley Adele Brown

At Rainbow we understand the importance of outdoor play and understand that our wooden climbing frames help to fuel children’s imaginations in lots of ways.

Over the summer we had our creative writing competition, where we asked children aged between 8-12 to come up with a fantastical story or poem based around their adventures on a wooden climbing frame.  We had lots of amazing stories and poems and we asked a panel made up of 2 adults and 4 children to pick their favourite.  The winner, Hayley Brown, will receive a £50 book token to enjoy and a £150 book token will go to her school.

We had lots of great entries and it was fab to read of all the adventures that could be had on a wooden climbing frame.  A big well done and congratulations to Hayley Adele Brown aged 8 ¾, your story was brilliant.

So, grab yourself some milk and cookies and enjoy Hayley’s story.

Rainbow….Fuel their imagination.


The Magic Climbing Frame by Hayley Adele Brown

Age 8 ¾

Ivy Williams roller skated around the corner of the park to her ground floor flat where she lived with her mum, ‘Carrie.’ She flung open the large red painted front door and threw her skates under the stairs. Swishing her long ginger ponytail, she walked into the kitchen and demanded, “What’s for lunch?” “There’s cheese and bread in the fridge make yourself a sandwich, I’m busy making a phone call” her mum mouthed. Ivy hurriedly wolfed down her sandwich and then tried to get her mum’s attention.

Next week was Ivy’s 12th birthday and there was only one thing she wanted as a present – a brand new rainbow climbing frame. Ivy knew living in a flat that her dream of this gift would never come true, but she never stopped hoping. “Mum” she said, “You know how its my birthday next week and I’ve always wanted a climbing….” Ivy didn’t even get chance to finish before her mum cut her off saying, “I know, I know you want a climbing frame but we just can’t afford it or have the space, I’m sure there’s other things you would like.” Ivy’s deep green eyes filled with tears and she ran into her bedroom and sobbed into her pillow.

After a few moments she heard a faint tinkling sound coming from her wooden fairy door. Two fairies came fluttering out into the room and they introduced themselves, “Hi, I’m Carissa the rainbow fun fairy and this is Lyria the fun play fairy she said pointing to the fairy with short brown hair. Carissa was a tall fairy with long blonde locks, a purple tutu and big indigo wings. Lyria was wearing a green playsuit with glittering white wings. Ivy was speechless but just manged to mutter, “How did you get in here?” “We came because you needed us, we’ve come to take you to your very own rainbow play climbing frame fun world!” Ivy screamed with glee but wondered how she was going to get there. Lyria seemed to read her mind and said, “We’ll shrink ourselves, are you ready?” Carissa and Lyria took Ivy’s hand and started to dance round in a fairy circle until they were the size to fit through the door and flew threw it. Ivy never returned home and remained a fairy forever and she became Ivy the climbing frame fairy!