Jack's Adventures

Let me set the scene…..

“Jack had managed to negotiate the jungle and was near to making it across the crocodile swamp, his only choice was a bridge, which he crossed with ease”

……hold on that doesn’t sound right, let’s try again.

“Jack had managed to negotiate the jungle and was near to making it across the crocodile swamp, he had so many options, what would he choose? Maybe the rock wall, perfect for his sense of adventure, or the long stretch of monkey bars, offering the ability to show his strength and stamina, maybe he could swing across the swamp on the trapeze rings”

You see this was possible as he had a Rainbow wooden climbing frame & swing set, which provided an abundance of fun and play possibilities.

What makes Rainbow super special is that we grow with you as your family does and the possibilities to enhance your wooden climbing frame and keep your children challenged and entertained in outdoor play for years are endless.

We offer an incredible number of fun & interactive accessories, and as all of our play frames and swing sets are modular, you can add these at different stages. From fireman’s poles and crow’s nests to duel trek trails, driving panels and an abundance of swing and slide options, we have the perfect accessories for all children.

Whether they are into climbing, running, jumping, swinging, imaginative play or a bit of them all, you can personalise your wooden climbing frame & swing set to really suit your family.

So let’s now go back to our young explorer…..




“Jack decided to swing over the swamp, Tarzan style and he looked over the mountain edge and through the telescope and he could make out where the treasure was. He made his way to the large spiral slide and without hesitation, he jumped in and slid all the way down the mountain. When he reached the treasure chest, he was confronted with a puzzle to solve, it was noughts & crosses and he had to use his brain power to make sure that he would come out on top. Finally, he opened the chest, where he found a pot of gold and it was at the end of his Rainbow…..Jack’s mum smiled as he tucked into the goodies she had left for him on his shaded picnic bench and he was pondering where his next Rainbow adventure would take him”




Why not get in touch to find out more? You can come to our show-sites at Longacres in Bagshot or Notcutts in Cheshire and see how great our play equipment is, your young explorers can try out all of our display sets and you get the chance to see how a Rainbow wooden climbing frame can have a positive impact on your entire family and offer endless entertainment for years to come.