Start Active, Stay Active - Rainbow Climbing Frame Benefits

Outdoor play benefits children in so many ways and sometimes it is easy to overlook its importance, especially in the fast-paced technical environment our children are faced with today.

Here at Rainbow Play we are encouraging all children and parents to unplug and play.

There are many reasons why outdoor play is great for children. All the jumping, climbing, running, skipping, swinging and sliding have wonderful health benefits, including keeping their hearts healthy, improving bone health, contributing to a healthy weight, giving their lungs a work out and helping them sleep at night, which means a nice peaceful evening for you ?

The Department of Health completed a study in 2011 and made further updates in 2016 called “Start Active, Stay Active” and it found that children were not having enough physical activity on a regular basis and they made many recommendations, this included:

 “The UK guidelines on physical activity for children and young people should recommend at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) daily”


 “The UK guidelines on physical activity for children and young people should recommend physical activity for the promotion of musculoskeletal health and flexibility at least 3 days per week”  

The study also suggested that physical exercise of more than 60-minutes and up to several hours a day would give even greater health benefits to children and young people. Without doubt a perfect reason to become the proud owners of a Rainbow wooden climbing frame.

As well as many health benefits Children’s self-confidence soars in abundance when playing outdoors, like the first time they climb to the top of the rock wall and feel like a champion. Or the time they conquer the monkey bars and feel on top of the world. It can help children to understand risks and benefits of different challenges and allows them to set their own limits and boundaries, a great skill to develop as they grow and one that they will take with them into adulthood.

We all remember being that space explorer, school teacher, lion tamer, racing car driver, shop keeper, dancer, police officer, fireman, doctor and mummies & daddies, the possibilities to explore and play are endless. Imaginative play is a fantastic way to develop their personalities and minds helping them to grow their emotional and social well-being.

Rainbow Play offer so many ways to enhance your outdoor space with an incredible number of fun & interactive wooden climbing frames and accessories, from spiral slides, climbing walls, monkey bars, play houses, picnic tables, fireman’s pole, to chalk boards and a crazy amount of swings to mention but a few. Our aim is to supply the best childhood memories through offering the best wooden climbing frames & swing sets that money can buy.

Why not get in touch to find out more? You can come to our climbing frame show-sites at Longacres in Bagshot or Notcutts in Cheshire and see how great our play equipment is, your young explorers can try out all of our display sets and you get the chance to see how a Rainbow wooden climbing frame can have a positive impact on your entire family.


You can find out more about the “Start Active, Stay Active” study from Department of Health & Social Care by visiting the following link to see all the findings and recommendations.