How to get your kids off their iPads for longer than a Fortnite!

It seems that we now live in an age where ‘screen time’ is here to stay no matter what we as parents have to say about it. So, how can you limit the time they spent playing Minecraft to less than a Fortnite? (see what we did there?!)

Well, as much as the above may be true – and to a certain extent screens provide a source of education and learning for our little ones these days, there is definitely a strong argument to say that over-exposure can lead to problems with screen-addiction, unhealthy patterns of behaviour and negative long term effects.

Children And Ipads

Now it may seem like we are being dramatic here…but the reality is that when parents are busy working, running households and taking care of their other children it can become all too easy to allow a screen to take over as a childcare tool to keep the kids busy whilst you get on with other things! Please don’t beat yourself up about it – it has happened to the best of us at one time or another!

We hear time and time again from our customers that prevention (read distraction) is better than cure when it comes to dealing with screen-time demands from their little cherubs! And by that we mean making sure that children have adequate, age-appropriate stimulation elsewhere at home to stop them automatically gravitating towards their tablet, ipad, gaming system, mobile device, smart phone or other gadget of the moment! As we all know that once they have it, it consumes their attention for HOURS AND HOURS!

Furthermore, regular and prolonged exposure can lead to children becoming moody and aggressive when they are forced to log off, not to mention the lack of physical activity that our little ones are getting for their bodies or their minds. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Referring back to our earlier mention of providing ‘age-appropriate’ activities as an alternative…THIS IS THE KEY HERE. Unfortunately, there is no amount of outdoor play equipment, swing sets, wooden climbing frames or similar that will serve as a better option in the eyes of a child and cause them to choose heading outdoors over their beloved iPad unless they are exciting, CHALLENGING and interesting for them at their current age/ability and the level that their little brains and bodies are developing towards.

Hurray Rainbow Playset Thebest

This is where Rainbow Playsystems really do become the NUMBER ONE choice for ALL families no matter whether you have one child or three (all at different ages and abilities). Not only do we offer you the ability to design the perfect climbing frame for your family from our completely modular range…We also offer you a variety of different ways to finance it AND we are the ONE BRAND on the market that can COMPLETELY GUARANTEE you a wooden climbing frame that your children will grow in to and NOT out of…it will definitely last them longer than a Fortnite (yep, we did it again!)

Rainbow Crows Nest Hero

Whether you decide to future-proof your climbing frame from the get-go by adding different package options to see the kids successfully through to their early teens…or you decide to grow as you go – we have got you covered.

Swing options can be upgraded from baby-swings to sling-swings as they grow and then to super-fun tyre swings to add a different dimension of play to the climbing frame. Penthouses can be added monkey bars to keep things challenging by adding height to the climbing frame. You can add fireman’s poles, steering wheels, crow’s nests and crawl tunnels to keep the variety flowing for your children as they grow – or you can even go the whole hog and add a spiral slide to your wooden climbing frame! Whichever way you decide to add to your climbing frame, Rainbow can make sure that your entire family have options for them (whether they are 2, 6, 9 or 41 years old!)

Lemonade Stand Rainbow Pretend Imaginative Play

We can’t guarantee that we will eradicate screen-time from your house completely - but we can promise that by investing in a Rainbow Playsystem for your children you will have MUCH LESS of a fight on your hands trying to de-Minecraft them after school and on the weekends!

And, for those of you who still have a Minecraft battle royale on your hands when it comes to trying to remove screen-time from your everyday lives…we think Springfree Trampoline may have just the thing for you!

Springfree have created an interactive gaming system that has finally brought ‘traditional play’ into the 21st century with a BANG! Tgoma is THE device that allows you to give your kids the screen-time they are hankering for – but with NONE OF THE MUM-GUILT (or dad guilt!)

By installing Tgoma on your Springfree Trampoline your whole family can get outside, get active and enjoy the games on offer! There are global leader boards to keep everyone’s competitive side going just a little bit whilst they have fun playing from the safety and comfort of their own garden! With games focused on pure fun, exercise and even MATHS…there really is something for everyone. And because of the nature of the games, the likelihood is that your children will stay engaged and bouncing (ahem, we mean playing) for even longer than usual!

Carnival Clubhouse And Springfree Trampoline

To find out more about Tgoma please check out our blogs ‘Guilt free screen time is possible’ and ‘6 things you didn’t know about Tgoma’.

For more information on Rainbow Playsystems or to request a copy of our brochure please contact us via or call 01276 477461 today!