So the results are in for this year. Here are the best and most popular Christmas presents for kids in 2018! We think it’s fair to say that if you manage to put any one of these gifts into your child’s stocking (or garden!) they will be SUPER impressed with Santa’s efforts this year!

1. LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch

Everyone loves a bit of LEGO and the Harry Potter theme of this is set to make it a firm favourite all round this Christmas!

No.1   Top Christmas Toys 2018 LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch  1220x803 1

2. Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

Calling all pups! Marshall is here to save the day with his ultimate rescue fire truck this Christmas!

No.2 Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck Playset Cut Out 2

3. Hexbug Robot Wars Arena

Robots, battles…what’s not to love! We can see this one being a crowd-pleaser with more than just the boys this year!

No.3 Hexbug Robot Wars Arena Cut Out 1

4. Hasbro Furreal Ricky the Trick Lovin Dog

A cute, fluffy puppy that can do tricks…this one has our hearts melting so we are sure Santa will score highly if he makes Ricky appear on Christmas day! And even better…you don’t have to take this little furball out for any walks!

No.4 Hasbro Furreal Ricky The Trick Lovin Dog Cut Out 1

5. Rainbow Playsystem Climbing Frame

The ultimate gift that keeps on giving. Whether you treat the kids to a wooden climbing frame this Christmas – or add some new super cool accessories to your existing one to give it a new lease of life…we guarantee it will go down a treat with ALL THE KIDS!

Screenshot 2018 11 29 12.13.35

6. 3Doodler Start Essentials

Kids love to draw and doodle…and this kit gives them the ability to bring their creations to life! Everyone is sure to have some fun with this when you, ahem…we mean Santa makes this appear at Christmas!

No.6 3doodler Start Essentials Cut Out Amazon 1

7. Wizard Training Wand

Calling all wizards…we’re just going to leave this here for you..

No.7   Top Christmas Toys 2018 Wizard Training Wand By JAKKS Pacific 1220x770 1

8. Creative Coder Kit

This is one gift that has got the whole team excited…move over kids, let mum and dad have a try! Take your spy game to the next level with the Creative Coder Kit!

Creative Coder Kit Cut Out Tech Will Save Us 1

9. Springfree Trampoline

This one is always a winner with kids (and grown ups)! The gift that keeps on giving all year around…and what’s better than that? Springfree Trampoline’s 10 year warranty, that’s what!

 RGB4367 1

10. Monopoly Fortnite Edition

A modern twist on a traditional family favourite! Add this game to your Christmas day festivities, it’ll enhance your quality time with the kids whilst you get to revel in the cool points they award you for your game selection! Just make sure you don’t have a sneaky banker amongst your players!

No.6   Top Christmas Toys 2018 Monopoly Fortnite Edition  1220x770 1