Rainbow’s 5 Top Tips to Creating the PERFECT Christmas Morning Surprise!

There really is nothing better than their little faces on Christmas morning as they come downstairs to find that Santa has visited! But between us parents, we know that building that anticipation and excitement to ensure that it really is the PERFECT Christmas Surprise is not always so easy!!

So, we thought we’d give you all a helping hand this year and bring you our 5 Top Tips to creating that perfect Christmas morning surprise!

1.Present hiding

Many would say that this can be the most difficult thing of all…and we wouldn’t be ones to argue! Between our super inquisitive little people and the fact that the vast majority of presents have to be hidden for a lot longer than just one night…it can get really tricky! Especially if your previously brilliant hiding place has been discovered by said super inquisitive ones (doh!) But fear not…here are a few conventional and not-so-conventional ideas for you to try this year:

  1. On top of the closet or wardrobe (where they can’t reach)
  2. In your garage or shed
  3. Inside a locked suitcase
  4. At someone else’s house – friends, aunties, uncles, grandparents…
  5. With your cleaning supplies (they will never look in there!)
  6. Boot of the car
  7. In the attic or loft

Hiding The Presents

2.Building the anticipation 

Thankfully we live in a world where there are apps upon apps ready to provide assistance to this part of creating the perfect Christmas morning surprise! Of course not everyone will want, or need, to use these…but for those parents who are left scratching their heads on how to pump up the festive feeling for their kids…these are a few of our favourites!

There are apps that allow you to call and SPEAK to Santa! Some even have the option to add in your child’s name for that all-important authenticity! There are apps that allow you to track Santa’s journey around the globe on Christmas Eve and with a little (and utterly adorable) help from Royal Mail, you can even send a letter to Santa at the North Pole and receive a letter back!

Norad Santa Tracking

3.Be on super stealth mode…

Everyone remembers how hard it was to get to sleep on Christmas Eve…the giddiness is like a caffeine shot for kiddies! So, to make sure that all your hard work isn’t undone…make sure your little cherubs are REALLY ASLEEP before you start putting out presents! And it goes without saying that you’ll need to be as quiet as possible to avoid waking them up whilst you’re midway through things!

Stealth Mode Presents

4.Make sure to leave evidence of Santa’s visit 

There are so many ways to add some magic and excitement to this part of creating the perfect surprise!

  1. Carrots with reindeers bites out of them
  2. Biscuit or cookie crumbs and an empty glass of milk (or beer depending on Santa’s preference!)
  3. Leave boot marks near the chimney if you have one – or the front door (in fake snow)
  4. Sprinkle oats outside for the reindeer to eat
  5. Leave a thank you note from Santa saying that he enjoyed his treats
  6. Leave a Santa hat or glove somewhere that has been accidently ‘left behind’
  7. Make sure presents from Santa have their own special wrapping paper

Treats For Santa

5.Creating a Rainbow Playsystems Christmas Surprise!

So, we know that climbing frames are no small feat to hide! But with our magical install elves working tirelessly through until Christmas Eve to deliver and install your dream wooden climbing frames…it is possible to create that PERFECT Christmas morning surprise!

Our top tip for this is to cover the windows and doors at the back of the house in wrapping paper so that they can be ripped open on the big day to reveal the biggest surprise of them all! Thankfully it gets dark really early in December which means that even if your climbing frame has to come a few days early…it can be hidden under the cover of darkness until it is time to do the big reveal!

Wrap The Windows And Doors

For more information on how to plan a Rainbow Christmas surprise please feel free to give us a call on 01276 477461 and we will be happy to help! Ho ho ho…