How to build a den

A den is the PERFECT solution to surviving a rainy day, making the most of a garden adventure or even creating a spaceship in a bedroom.

You can create inside dens, outside dens, dens in the woods and even a den in your climbing frame! The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

For obvious reasons, building a den in your climbing frame is one of our personal favourites. Using even very minimal materials, you can create something for your children that gives them the foundation to turn their Rainbow climbing frame into a house, a shop, a castle, a boat, a submarine, a spaceship, a car and so on...

Our climbing frame accessories include a variety that lend themselves especially well to this type of imaginative play….first up, we have playhouse panels which allow you to turn the downstairs area of your wooden climbing frame into a fully panelled in playhouse area. If you decide to add this to your dream climbing frame you are well on your way to building that den!

How To Make A Den 2

Then, using pillows, blankets, cardboard boxes and anything else that takes your fancy; you can create their dream den! Whether they want somewhere snuggly to chillout, a tea party fit for a princess or a cowboy hideout – anything is possible.

Den 5

We offer a ‘cabin package’ to help create a more cosy feel to the upstairs deck of our Rainbow climbing frames – or to give your spacemen their rocket ship! Throw in our window panels, chalkboards, bubble panels or even our EXTENDED bubble panels to create different dimensions of fun and a fascinating environment for kids to use their climbing frame in 1001 different ways!

How To Make A Den 3

Even if you choose to keep your wooden climbing frame simple (to allow the kids imagination to do all the hard work) – we have got you covered! You can add a penthouse to your design to give the kids that extra height and challenge…and also a point where they can create a look-out, a castle in the sky, a treehouse…or even go to have their picnic lunch.

Den 4

Dressing your wooden climbing frame is another fabulous way to turn it into a den. Adding material as curtains to cover windows, or side areas will add personality and charm to their den – it is also a less permanent solution than playhouse panels if the kids wish to change things up as they go! Our clubhouses come with a picnic table downstairs – cue teddy bears picnic time. You don’t even need your den to have sides if you can fill it with everything your heart desires!

Our range includes the ever-popular ‘lemonade stand’ and ‘dreams theatre’ which are easily transformed into a multitude of things in the eyes of a child. Perfect for serving lemonade, selling tickets, taking orders, serving food or being on a stakeout for incoming enemy troops! For younger ones, they can post things to you through to opening or just have a good old game of play peek-a-boo!

How To Make A Den 1

Whatever kind of den your little ones want to create….you are SET TO GO with a Rainbow Playsystem as your canvas!