Climbing frames for kids

Whether you are in the early stages of researching and looking at climbing frames for kids, (or more specifically wooden climbing frames for kids); or you have finished your market research and are ready to invest your hard earned cash…we are confident that we have EXACTLY what you are looking for here at Rainbow Playsystems!

Before During After Resized

Our larger than life brochure is bursting with colour and options…and there really is something for everyone! (Don’t worry though, our team of experts are on-hand to guide you to the right model or models for you to choose from!) Whether its small gardens, small budgets, large gardens, sky-high budgets….we have it ALL covered. And the thing that sets Rainbow’s climbing frames aside from the ‘competition’? The fact that if your dream climbing frame doesn’t exist in our catalogue…we can probably create it for you!

Custom Cad Drawing Rainbow

Once we have decided whether you want to go for a climbing frame with monkey bars, or a climbing frame with a climbing wall and racing slides…we get 3D CAD drawings created showing your chosen design so that you can see exactly what you are going to have…before you have it! This is such an important step and one that we find our customers LOVE! We have had our little customers taking their CAD drawings into school to show to their friends and plan their future play-dates (so cute!)

Cad Drawing 2

We can work to pretty much any timescale so it is never too early to start thinking about a climbing frame for your kids…a Rainbow Playsystem is the gift that keeps on giving. They will be out playing on it come rain or shine (hopefully giving you 5 minutes peace and quiet in the process)! Every parent knows how long it takes to pack up and get out even for a short trip…so just imagine how much easier life will be once you have a beautiful wooden climbing frame right in your back garden! (You can thank us later…)

To start the journey of bringing the park to YOUR garden get in touch to request a brochure today!