To track or not to track (your children) - that is the question.

It is no secret that we live in an age where there appears to be more perceived danger – or concerns over the safety of children when they are out in the big wide world than ever before. With this comes a new age of parental surveillance techniques or ‘tracking apps’, giving you the ability to track your child much like you can use ‘Find my iPhone’ to help recover a lost device.

The question on everybody’s lips though…is it right to track your kids?

As with many things like this, the answer really isn’t that simple…and there are plenty of arguments for-and-against flying around out there.

Fortunately, we also live in an age where there are a vast number of things that can be done to make ‘home’ our children’s’ destination of choice for longer! Here at Ergo group we offer a range of outdoor activities for the whole family that will keep your garden being the ‘place to go’ for far longer than ever before!

Rainbow Springfree Ergo Blog Res

Whether you fancy a Rainbow Playsystem to quite literally bring the park to your own back garden – or a Springfree Trampoline to give everyone (young and old) an outlet to burn off energy and chill-out with friends in a safe and secure environment…we have something to suit everybody’s needs. Ps, If you didn't know it already, Springfree are the World's Safest Trampoline!

Springfree Ergo Chillout Resized

Beyond that we have our Killerspin table tennis tables which are pretty much the ONLY activity that can be done inside, outside and by anyone from the age of 1-100! The only thing stopping you playing is not having a table – and we think that is pretty cool.

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The cherry on the cake here at Ergo Group has to be our award winning Jacuzzi hot-tubs…not only are they exactly what the doctor ordered for numerous health issues such as arthritis, insomnia, muscle tension, high blood pressure (the list goes on and on)….they are without a doubt one of the most social additions you can make to your back garden! 

Kids love them, teenagers love them and adults love them (when they have a chance to sit down for 5 minutes that is!) Whether you are using the Jacuzzi to reap the benefits of hydrotherapy – or letting the kids use it as a chill-out tub with their friends…this is one investment that the novelty just doesn’t wear off from.

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In a perfect world we would add all of these wonderful things to our gardens – however, by investing in even one of these you are promoting the use of the safe, secure space you have at home as a place where your little – or not so little ones will want to be.

We know you can’t keep them at home forever…but this way, you can definitely get a few more years!