Need a climbing frame but have a small problem!

Climbing frames for small gardens…

If the above phrase is something that you have typed into Google hoping for a simple answer…then we are here to save the day!

This article will walk you through just how easy it can be to invest in a quality wooden playset for your garden – even if you are really tight on space…or if the space you have is ‘awkward’!

We have two ways that we combat the ‘small garden’ problem here at Rainbow. The first is with what we call our ‘box-kit’ range – or our little Rainbows. These include our Fiesta and Carnival ranges. Both of these ranges are great which offer you the opportunity to own a Rainbow-quality playset but on a slightly smaller scale (and budget!)

The second way we combat a small garden, or tight/awkward space is with one of our Principle range climbing frames – as these playsets are 100% MODULAR! (Woohoo!)

Depending on your budget, the accessories and activities you would like your playset to include – and what your garden space is like…we have a team of specialists on hand to talk you through the process of choosing the PERFECT wooden climbing frame for you and your family.

Below are just a few examples of what can be achieved in a small space…

Fiesta Castle Spacesaver Reduced Swingbeam

This wooden swingset was modified to include a shortened swingbeam to ensure that if fitted into the customer’s garden.

Turbo Castle No Swingbeam Small Garden

This playset had the swingbeam option completely removed to ensure that it fitted into the customer’s garden. The beauty of Rainbow’s super sturdy design means that this is EASY PEASY to do and it doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the playset either!

We know what you’re thinking…this is GREAT!

Fiesta Clubhouse No Swingbeam

Fiesta Clubhouse Tight Space

The two images above show what can be achieved when you really do have a ‘tight space’ to work with…this customer had their playset adapted to remove the swingbeam and make sure it fitted between a tree and a bench – et viola!

Another way that Rainbow keep the fun flowing even if the available ground space isn’t huge is by packing the activities in on top of each other. Our clubhouses allow you to have lower level picnic tables, playhouse panels, lemonade stands, dual ships wheels and sandboxes! Then moving up to the upper deck you have the option of adding a whole host of fun from fireman’s poles, bubble panels, tic-tac-toe boards, ships wheels, crows nests , periscopes, binoculars, cabin panels, chalk boards and even a megaphone if you’re brave enough!

The below is a great example of what was created recently for a customer who had a really tight and specific area to work with…

Sunshine Clubhouse Adapted Tight Space Small Garden

We think it’s fair to say that none of the fun factor was lost here due to lack of garden space!

We hope that this has been a helpful insight into exactly what can be achieved when you are dealing with a small garden or tight space….we think you will be shocked as to just how much fun you can fit in a small garden!

For more information or advice on working with a small or tight garden space please feel free to contact us on 01276 477461 or send us an email at and we can go from there!