What to look out for when buying a second-hand wooden playset

Having a wooden climbing frame in your garden is such a great way to make outdoor play time readily available all year round.

A playset in your back garden lets children have time to unwind and let loose without mum and dad having to pack up and lug the kids and their endless supplies all over town to keep them entertained.

Rainbow Playset Garden Spiral Flooring

One way to save on the showroom price of a premium play system is to shop for used, clearance or display systems.  However, it’s critical to keep safety as your top priority when shopping for used swing sets and wooden climbing frames. For example, if you were to buy a used Rainbow wooden climbing frame from another parent or family it would mean that the Rainbow Lifetime Warranty on that playset becomes void - so be sure to inspect the system closely to identify potential safety hazards.

An issue commonly reported with older used wooden climbing frames is rot in the wooden components at the base of the frame or around joints. This can be due to lack of maintenance, poor quality wood and/or unsuitable flooring beneath the playset. Many of these issues remain hidden from sight until the playset is dismantled…by which time it is too late to change your mind!

Rotten Wooden Playset

Protruding hardware can be a common safety hazard on older play sets. All Rainbow wooden climbing frames have commercial-grade hardware which is recessed and capped to protect active little bodies from scrapes, scratches and clothing hang ups. However, hardware does require occasional tightening and inspection.

Our top-tip is to buy a display model to ensure a safer product and greater overall value for money!

Shopping for a wooden climbing frame during an ex-demo sale is a great way to reap the benefit of used play set pricing while maintaining the quality of a swing-set. Rainbow’s ex-demo models carry all the same warranties that a brand new climbing frame would hold, but the discounted pricing can save you hundreds of pounds!

Rainbow Castle Ex Demo

Purchasing a ex-demo model can also help you with moving and installation. When you buy from a home owner, often you will be required to disassemble, move and reassemble the play set yourself. When you buy an ex-demo from Rainbow Play we can organise for A-team of installers to do all the hard work for you!


For more information please visit rainbowplay.co.uk or for some advice on buying a used-playset please contact us on 01276 477461.