Castles Vs. Clubhouses

Castles Vs. Clubhouses…which one should I BUY??

So, you have made the decision buy a Rainbow wooden climbing frame for your children. Firstly, may we congratulate you and offer you the warmest of welcomes to the Rainbow Owners Club! We may be biased but we are pretty sure that it’s a decision you and your family will LOVE…FOREVER!

Now we appreciate things get a little bit more serious when it comes to choosing exactly which Rainbow wooden climbing frame you should purchase for your garden! So, come with us on this short journey through our range of climbing frames and hopefully your decision will be a lot clearer by the end!

Castles Vs Clubhouses Still Resized

We have our two fundamental climbing frames designs, our Castle range and our Clubhouse range. Our Castles are great for active children who enjoy running, jumping and swinging. On the other hand our Clubhouses offer more of a ‘treehouse’ feel and are especially good for small gardens and tight or awkward spaces.

Castles Pros Resized

A Castle style may suit your garden if you have unlevel ground as the legs can be adapted to ensure that the platforms sit level for playing on. We can only imagine the fun that your merry band of pirates would have in a Castle style playset equipped with a ships wheel, a periscope, a telescope and a Jacobs ladder to allow for a quick getaway!

Clubhouses Pros Resized

A Clubhouse style playset could be ideal if you have a budding spaceman on his way to Mars or a fairy princess who enjoys nothing more than cosying up with her favourite toys and escaping to a magical far away land. The option of add-on playhouse panels for our Clubhouses encourages imaginative and pretend play for boys and girls of all ages. The sky really is the limit, unless they are off to the moon of course!

Choose The Size Of Your Rainbow Climbing Frame

Next comes the decision of size for your climbing frame. Platform height, swing-beam height and length of slide are all factors to consider. We have a saying that ‘if a child can climb up three steps, then they can climb up five’. This couldn’t be more true. Young children develop at such a fast pace – what may be challenging for them now may well be of no challenge within six months’ time.

We work hard to maximise the fun experience with our wooden climbing frames from the get-go. By choosing a higher deck height for example, you have more options of accessories and add-ons which inevitably extends the lifespan of your climbing frame and increases its value in money.

Installation Of Your Rainbow Climbing Frame

Last but by no means least is the delivery and installation of your dream wooden climbing frame. We have a team of installers (our A-team) who work tirelessly across the country building dreams and making memories for families and children of all ages. As you can see from the image above, each component of a Rainbow climbing frame is separate to start with, allowing for a modular design and making each climbing frame individual.

So to confirm, we offer & recommend a full delivery and installation service, which does come at a cost but is far the easiest option for you…! However If you’re into your DIY and are naturally handy  then we can organise a delivery-only option for your climbing frame.

We hope that this has been a helpful insight into the differences between our playset designs. Rainbow truly believe that no matter whether you have a small garden, an awkward space, un-level area, young or older children, ….we have a climbing frame option to suit you all.

Just get in touch and start your journey…you really won’t regret it!