THE THREE Q’s when buying a wooden climbing frame

A Quality Product needs Quality Service with Quality Aftercare!

What’s important when buying a wooden climbing frame? Fun & Quality are normally the leading

requirements! For us here at Rainbow, the fun really is the easy bit, with more swing set combinations and climbing frame designs than anyone else in the business there really is a climbing frame or swing set for every garden, budget and desire.

What really makes us different is the word that a lot of companies are scared to shout about! QUALITY! Yes, QUALITY, that’s right, QUALITY! Well, Rainbow certainly isn’t scared and we will bet your lifetimes ownership on it! Our wooden climbing frames come with the assurance that they last as long as you own it! What a statement! All we ask is that you look after your wooden climbing frame with a few simple aftercare checks and maintenance as  any piece of outdoor furniture requires and that’s it. Quality that is child proof and adult proof…


Now, a quality product is always what the customer wants but quality can become less powerful if the service quality doesn’t match. Some may agree, some may not. But It’s our passion to make your wooden climbing frame purchase special as we believe this is an emotional buy that will hopefully become a loved family staple and part of many photo album backgrounds for years to come!



So, what is Quality service? This again is a simple answer and something we pride ourselves on. We listen and we do what we say we are going to do! That’s it! Clear information, clear understanding of your needs and climbing frame requirements as the customer and make sure we hit every milestone we outline. Our advice is the best with the most reason behind it, with on average 10-years plus experience in wooden climbing frames, pretty much every eventuality has been seen which helps to heighten your customer experience with us.

The final Q, also known as the forgotten Q by most is Quality Aftercare. We touched on this earlier. Ensuring everything goes smoothly with your wooden climbing frame purchase from start to finish and that the newest Rainbow Climbing Frame owners are happy, this is key! We are here as a support network to advise an implement any question, issue or upgrades that is needed for as long as you need us. 1-week to 10-years you’ll still be met with the same enthusiastic help to keep the fun in full flow with your wooden climbing frame.


The family owned Rainbow heritage both in the UK and across the pond in South Dakota is genuine and honest and that’s all due to the ethos behind our fantastic high-quality and imaginative wooden climbing frames & swing sets we produce.