7 ways to beat the January blues

The Christmas festivities are over and the crash back to reality was pretty rough too. School runs have taken the top spot, followed closely by swiftly mounting piles of ironing…and the weather is unpredictable to say the least! January is a funny old month but don’t panic, we have some absolutely fab ideas to help you kick those January blues straight to the curb!

Bookworm hour

When the weather outside is frightful, there really is nothing better than snuggling up with the kiddies and reading some of your favourite books! You can even take it one step further and get you’re your little ones to act out their favourite stories! If your little ones aren’t so little anymore, encourage them to get creative and try writing their own story instead.

Ready, steady…BAKE!

Baking is pretty much a great idea however you look at it! Kids young and old can’t help but enjoy themselves. It lets the young ones get messy and it’s a great sensory play activity.

Imagination station

We may be biased but we love any opportunity to get outside with the kids and get some fresh air in the lungs. If you are already a wooden climbing frame owner then you will know the untold wealth of make-believe that children can find in their playhouse or on their slide. Even without your very own climbing frame, the garden has so much to offer to get their imagination’s racing. Treasure hunts, bird watching, intrepid explorer adventures…the list goes on and on. Just make sure they wrap up warm and then watch the hours fly by!

January Blues

Snow-day play

Unfortunately snow in January isn’t guaranteed here in the UK…however you can bet your bottom dollar that we will be out in it if it is does appear! The possibilities are ENDLESS… sledging, snowball wars or being the king/queen of your wooden snow castle…and to keep the fun coming, try playing pin the nose on the snowman (using a carrot) after he’s built!

Gruffalo hunting

What’s a better way of getting your kids up and out of the house other than to go Gruffalo hunting? See who’s hiding in all the nooks and crannies of your climbing frame! If Gruffalo’s aren’t their bag, then a treasure hunt works equally as well. Hide some treats at the top of your slide or in your swing seat… the possibilities are endless. Either way, a long walk in the woods is the ideal way to blow away the cobwebs and see off those pesky January blues.

Picture Rainbow

This may seem like one of the harder things to do these days. Thankfully the benefits far outweigh the whinging that going tech-free for a day may cause. In this day and age life is so busy, so not only does a day away from a screen do your little ones (and you) some good…but it lets you reconnect with them properly. And you don’t have to do something fancy and expensive to fill the tech-void…just bring out the pens, paper, glitter and googly eyes. The rest will write itself!

What’s the secret password?
When getting out to your garden or wooden climbing frame really isn’t an option, there is only one thing for it! Build a den! Sofa cushions, blankets,
chairs, cardboard boxes….no one is too old to enjoy the feeling of being safe inside their very own fort! Whether you have a budding knight of the round
table or a fairy princess in need of a teddy bear’s picnic; this is a sure-fire way to beat those January blues! And if we’re lucky enough to have some drier weather then get up, get outside and transfer the fun to the garden! We promise you won’t regret it.