Garden climbing frame full

Get Your Wooden Climbing Frame Summer Ready!

So, the first day of Spring has arrived, evenings are lighter, and it’s time to start preparing your garden and most importantly your wooden climbing frame for summer!

Safety first - Having protected your wooden playset with Rainbow Play’s protective waterseal preservative, you should find that it is in good shape despite the harsh British winter. But, there is bound to be some wear and tear if there have been any particularly rainy or cold spells. Wearing gloves, give the wooden climbing frame a light sand if there are any areas that may cause splinters. Tighten any nuts and bolts where necessary, and remember that no matter how old your system is, Rainbow will always be able to produce/supply replacement parts.

Involve the kids - Get the kids out there with you and enlist their help in getting ready for the good weather. The Easter holidays are on their way so make the most of it and have fun sprucing up your climbing frame together. Get your feather duster out and get the kids to give it a good spring clean to get rid of any cobwebs and debris that may have come down from nearby trees.

On the ground – Depending on which surface you chose for your climbing frame, you may need to add some wood chips or shredded rubber, or just get the strimmer out around the edges!

Pimp it up! – Once it’s clean and safe, have a think about how you could jazz it up to make this the best summer toy your kids have this year.

5 Best Wooden Climbing Frame Ideas We’ve Seen

  1. Kitchen accessories, or a table and chairs to your playhouse or the penthouse of your wooden climbing frame
  2. An artist’s easel for any budding Picasso’s
  3. A vanity table and chair for a little princess
  4. Trapeze swing and shimmy bar for junior gymnasts
  5. Binoculars, periscope, ship’s wheel, or driving panel for young explorers

It’s easy to extend the fun with Rainbow’s modular climbing frame design, and with a huge range of extras to choose from you can make sure your children have the perfect place to play and hang out with their friends.

You can add swing beams, tyre swings, monkey bars, a sandbox, chalkboards, a rock wall, or a picnic table. Check out our website for more! The opportunities for giving your kids the best wooden climbing frame and the most fun this summer are endless!