The BEST Christmas present EVER

Are you thinking what to get the kids for Christmas this year? Fed up of the one-minute wonder gift that they get bored of after a few days? Why not get them the Christmas gift that keeps on giving?  Not only will it knock their socks off on the big day, it will also keep them engaged, active and enjoying the outdoors for years and years to come.

Rainbow has a wide range of wooden climbing frames suitable for all size and shaped gardens. From our castle style wooden climbing frame that is the best structure for uneven gardens to our clubhouse style wooden climbing frames that offer more enclosed play area right through to our King-Kong range, our biggest wooden swing-sets. So you can see we really do have a Christmas climbing frame for all requirements, perfect to give the whole family a very jolly exciting Christmas 🎄.


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All of our wooden climbing frames are modular so that you can add to your set as your family grows, meaning that not only can you spread the cost of your Christmas wooden climbing frame now but you and your family and friends can add elements to your climbing frame for Birthdays and Christmases for years to come.

We all know that the festive season this year is going to be different and if we have learnt one thing from this pandemic it is that making memories and spending time with your loved ones is essential for our well-being. Having a Christmas wooden climbing frame in your garden will give your children a fantastic place to run of steam, keep fit and healthy, engage in imaginative play and keep them off the electronics, all from the comfort and safety of your own garden. Guaranteed memory making!


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With an abundance of play ideas, a Rainbow wooden climbing frame are perfect for those that love imaginative play, with binoculars for the budding explorer, a ships wheel for that budding pirate through to a driving panel for the car enthusiast, a bell for the future teacher, a telescope for the next generation of astronauts, not forgetting the fireman’s pole, lemonade stand, sandpit and dream theatre, we really do have something for everyone.

If your children are into climbing, swinging and sliding then a Rainbow wooden climbing frame is perfect for them. We have a large selection of monkey bars, including regular monkey bars, chin-up bars, shimmy bars, trek rings, we even have a ninja training kit, best of all you can have a mix of them all. With a range of different height climbing walls, a Rainbow wooden climbing frames will cover a range of abilities and ages, from toddler through to teen.




With over 15 ranges of swing seats to choose from, we cover for all wants and needs, from toddler bucket seats and your standard sling seats through to ships swing, gliders, tyre swings and lawn swings, you really can create your own unique wooden climbing frame.

We all know that when kids talk about outside play adventures, slides are at the top of the list and we will not disappoint you with our extensive range. With scoop slides and wave slides in a choice of sizes and colours and our amazing 360◦ spiral slides. You can pick one, two or as many as your heart and budget desire.

So, with the festive season quickly approaching, why not get into the Christmas spirit and fill your kids hearts with joy this year with the Christmas gift that really does stand the test of time.

We do understand that a Rainbow Wooden climbing frame is an investment and we have a fantastic range of finance options available should you prefer to pay monthly rather than in one go. Click here to find out more about the choices that could be available to you or call one of our experienced team to discuss the options on 01276 477461.

We have limited installation slots for a guaranteed Christmas build and we know that climbing frames are no small feat to hide! But with our magical install elves working tirelessly through until Christmas Eve to deliver and install your dream wooden climbing frames…it is possible to create that magical Christmas morning surprise. Just imagine their smiling faces!

So, if you are looking for the gift that keeps on giving, not just for a few days or months but for years and years to come, make sure that a Rainbow wooden climbing frame is at the top of your list. But don’t just take our word for it, here is what one happy Rainbow customer had to say after 20-years of owning one of our wooden climbing frames.