A few words of reassurance from the Rainbow Team...

As we enter Lockdown II, the Rainbow Team would like to reassure you of how we are working.

We are so lucky to have an outside product, meaning that we are able to carry on, pretty much as normal.  This means that if you have bought a Rainbow Climbing Frame and have an installation date scheduled, then we will be there as promised.  External access to the garden is important, and we would ask that you just show us where we are constructing your set and then let us get on with it.  Although we love your tea and coffee, we will have our own supplies with us, so please don’t worry about us not being fed and watered 😊 

IMG 3133

If you would like help in choosing a new Rainbow Climbing Frame for your garden, we can definitely help you through photos or videos of your garden space.  Facetime can also be really helpful, so we can interact and ask the relevant questions, just like we are actually there!  These forms of technology have always worked well for us, even pre-Covid.  If your space is tight, then dimensions are a great help in allowing us to work out what fits, and whether there is enough space for safe play, in particular slide run-off and swing arc space.  However, if you do want to actually see us, we can still visit you, if you are happy to have us in your garden.  Just give us a call to book a site visit.  We will obviously obey all the necessary social distancing rules.

Our showsites at Longacres in Surrey and Woodford in Cheshire will be closed for viewings to the public, sadly.  That said, we will be able to run a virtual tour of our sets to show you things that you might like in your garden.  In Surrey, we are in the process of creating a brand new show site, with construction taking place right now.  This should be ready for viewing in early December.  In the meantime though we can definitely help you with identifying which sets would work the best for you through photos etc as described above.

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Our warehouse will be fully operational during the confinement, so if Father Christmas wants to buy any new accessories for your existing Rainbow, new swings of all shapes and sizes, additional accessories like monkey bars, fireman’s poles, penthouse dens on top of existing monkey bars, spiral slides etc., then do get in touch and we will talk you through the options.