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Keep the Grandkids Happy and Active with a Rainbow Climbing Frame!

Are you looking for some fun outdoor activities for your grandchildren when they come to visit?

Here at Rainbow UK, we know how active young children can be and they very rarely slow down during the day. The constant need for stimulation can be exhausting.

But don’t worry we have the perfect garden accessory that will not only get them outside enjoying their surroundings and all it has to offer, it will also keep them active, healthy, engaged and best of all worn out for when its bedtime or mum or dad return to collect them. Win-Win for everyone.

Our wooden climbing frames come in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit all sized gardens and all sized budgets and with an abundance of accessories from swings to slides to monkey bars and climbing walls, we really do have something for everyone. Suitable from toddler through to teen, investing in a Rainbow wooden climbing frame means memory making and endless fun for the grandchildren for years and years.

All of our wooden climbing frames are made from environmentally responsible sourced cedarwood and for every 1 tree harvested, 5 trees are planted. Cedarwood is highly durable and is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects as well as being aesthetically pleasing with its natural rich tonal properties, it will look fabulous in all gardens.

We offer a range of roof styles and textures, meaning that you can get a wooden climbing frame that blends in seamlessly or a wooden climbing frame that stands out, it really is your own personal choice.

Rainbow wooden climbing frames have an exclusive lifetime warranty which is the best in the industry and it offers peace of mind on the standard and quality of all our wooden climbing frames.

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With a team of professional installers that have over 20-years’ experience, our delivery and installation service will give you peace of mind that our wooden climbing frames are fitted safely and best of all you won’t have the hassle of spending hours building the frame and following the instructions allowing you to enjoy the unveiling moment with your grandchildren.

Now that’s all the factual stuff taken care off, now let's look at why investing in a wooden climbing frame for your grandchildren will bring you and them memories and joy for many years to come.

Imagine enjoying a tea party with your grandchildren or perhaps being a budding artist by sharing drawing and painting together, maybe even getting lost in a book together, all of this is possible under the shaded bench area, which is comfortable for both children and adults.  You could bring out your own inner explorer and join in the imaginative fun, or be the adventurer and create a quest to experience all together, this is made possible as our study large wooden climbing frames can easily fit adults and children alike. Or you could enjoy watching them play and get lost in all the fun adventures from the comfort of your own garden.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing their delightful laughs whilst they escape in imaginative play.

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Children who enjoy time outdoors benefit from many health benefits, from giving their lungs a workout and keeping their hearts healthy through to huge benefits for their mental health and a study by the University of Oxford showed that a high level of grandparental involvement increases the well-being of children. It stated that:

“With changing family patterns, increased life expectancy, growing numbers of dual-worker households and higher rates of family breakdown, grandparents are now playing an increasing role in their grandchildren's lives. A study of more than 1,500 children showed that those with a high level of grandparental involvement had fewer emotional and behavioural problems”

The benefits of the loving relationships of children with their grandparents are truly boundless and the bonding time with their grandparents, is priceless!

With more grandparents helping out with childcare duties, a rainbow wooden climbing frame will help to keep them occupied and active in a safe outdoor environment. They can enjoy the fresh air, without electronics and you get to see the smiles of your grandsons and granddaughters at play. Having a wooden climbing frame in your own garden will offer endless hours of fun and memory making and with it being in your own garden, it will also allow you to get things done at home if needed, comfortably knowing that the grandchildren are having fun. So much so they may never want to leave.

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So, if you are looking for an inspirational present for your grandchildren to enjoy for many years and would like to invest in the best, get in touch with one of our Rainbow experts on 01276 477461 and find the perfect wooden climbing frame for your grandchildren and garden.

For more details on the study mentioned in our blog visit https://www.ox.ac.uk/research/research-impact/grandparents-contribute-childrens-wellbeing