Get your garden Halloween ready!

We know things have changed and we are all trying to get used to the new normal. One major calendar event that is highly likely to be very different this year is trick or treating on Halloween.

As parents its important that we keep our kids positive and show them that even if things are a bit different, we can still have lots of fun.

At Rainbow UK HQ, we all love Halloween, especially seeing the excited children in their amazing costumes and smiling faces. So, we thought that we’d put together some fun ideas of things to do at home to make it just as exciting

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Decorate your wooden climbing frame in the garden to create your own spooky haunted house.

  • Use old sheets or blankets to create a hidden dark den
  • Create cobwebs by stretching cotton wall or cutting them out of paper
  • Make a “Enter if you dare sign” using red paint or food colouring
  • Have fun making Halloween paper chains to decorate inside and out
  • Hang some pumpkin fairy lights around the edge
  • Place your carved pumpkins around the climbing frame and garden
  • Make some paper bats and hang them in the trees
  • Use food colouring and water in clear bottles to look like potions
  • Create a spooky path up to the entrance by adding cardboard gravestones
  • Serve up a Halloween feast on the undercover picnic area or throw a picnic blanket down on one of the higher platforms
  • Pick your favourite spooky story and enjoy it together under torch light

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Create your very own spooky feast with an amazing selection of homemade snacks and treats. Not only can you have fun thinking up some new recipes you can have great family experience preparing them together. Here are some great ideas to making your own,

  • Split a cookie in half, add some red butter icing, place small white marshmallows around and then sandwich it together to create some tasty Dracula dentures.
  • Create a bowl of jelly worms by using crushed up Oreos and placing sweety laces in amongst it.
  • Make your own Halloween pizzas by adding diffident toppings to create spooky faces
  • Create your own ghostly banana lollies using bananas, white chocolate, coconut and chocolate drops, quick, easy and tasty.
  • Using cut up strips of croissants, wrap them around sausage and you have your very own mummy dippers.
  • Create some eerie eyeballs, using crushed up cake and melted chocolate, smarties and icing pens.
  • Experiment with different coloured candy apples, using golden syrup, caster sugar and food colouring
  • Make your own slithery snakes, using roll up puff pastry and poppy or sesame seeds

You can go even more creative and try your hand at vegetable carving, severed carrot fingers, cucumber tongues and blood-shot strawberry eyes spring to mind, and it also helps give them their five a day.

There are many fun recipes on line, here is where we found some of ours 😊

Halloween Recipes BBC good food guide

Halloween Recipes Delish


Now it’s the turn of games to play, here are some of our favourites

  • The Mummy sack race, wrap up everyone’s legs with white crepe paper and let the fun begin
  • Eye-Ball pong, decorate ping pong balls as eyeballs and get the kids to throw them into different cups and baskets.
  • Place different small items in to a bowl full of cooked spaghetti, blindfold each person and see who can find the greatest number of items.
  • Using butternut squash, number them all and line them up like bowling pins, then using a small round pumpkin as the bowl.
  • An old time favourite and a great tradition, apple bobbing. 

Girl With Pumpkin


So, whilst we know that it will be different and it will mean that the traditional trick or treating won’t be going ahead, you can still have an amazing Halloween family adventure in your garden with your decorated wooden climbing frame as the centre piece.

You can enjoy some lovely family time, getting all dressed up, eating some wacky food creations and playing some really cool games, with no electronics in sight.

Me and my family had great fun whilst researching ideas for this blog. We had an early Halloween garden extravaganza in the summer, enjoying all of the crazy food ideas, the cucumber tongues were yummy and rather refreshing 😊 We had great fun working out witch🧹 (sorry, I had to do it 😊) which games where our favourites and we may even start a new Halloween tradition of having it permanently in the garden. I watched my children having so much fun in a really safe environment with smiles beaming from ear to ear and as a parent that’s all you want.

Happy Halloween everyone 🎃👻🧹