A day in the life of the Rainbow Team

Whether they are one of our talented fun designers, our extraordinary installers or even our behind the scenes team, here at Rainbow HQ we love working together to make your wooden climbing frame dream a reality.

We are a family run business with kids at its core and no 2 days are the same, which makes for a great fun working environment.

We understand the importance of outdoor activities for kids of all ages, both in their physical and mental health and in the current situation it is even more important to make sure that kids have the time to play and unwind without lots of rules.

Having your own wooden climbing frame in your own garden space, is like having the park at home. It’s the perfect way to keep the children active, entertained and having fun without an electronic in sight 📵.

So, what is a typical day like for our team?

Well a day in the life of our Fun Designers involves engaging with lots of customers about finding the perfect wooden climbing frames for their family’s garden space.

With many options to consider they often go out for site visits, where they will be able to look at your garden and suggest the perfect set up that offers the most amount of play within your budget. With an abundance of pictures and real-life photographs you get a real feel for how the perfect wooden climbing frame will look in your garden.

Once back in the Rainbow office they set to work on creating your design and we provide you several options from a bird’s eye view right through to more detailed cad designs and drawings. No space is too small or too big for us to create something of interest, from perfectly flat lawns through to difficult spaces, our fun designers will love creating the perfect wooden climbing frame for your family.


Sitevisit 02


When they are not creating exciting new play adventures, they may be suggesting new accessories for our modular wooden climbing frames for our existing customer, from new swinging accessories like our gliders, web swings, tyre swings right through to our Tic-Tac-Toe extensions, lemonade stands, picnic areas, penthouses and ninja training kits to name a few.  Why not have a look through our look book to see what great accessories and extensions you could add to your Rainbow wooden climbing frame. You can download it here Rainbow Play Look Book.

They also get to show potential Rainbow owners around the wooden climbing frames at our show sites, which is great as you are able to come and see the quality, feel the workmanship up close and even have a play. Mums and Dads can fit comfortably on our wooden climbing frames, so we would love you to all come as a family and test them out.


Wooden Climbing Frame Testimonials1


Due to the pandemic, some of our show sites are not available, however virtual tours are available and we can provide you with an abundance of photographs and testimonials from our happy customers. Please call on 01276 477461 and speak to one of our Fun designers in the first instance.

Once your wooden climbing frame has been booked, our installation team then jump into action. There is nothing more exciting than the day of installation, from the moment that the Rainbow van arrives at your house, the countdown to playtime fun begins.

Our teams expertly build your dream wooden climbing frame in your garden, with most builds being completed within the day. Once it is complete, your children can enjoy their new wooden climbing frame and play safely, with you being secure in the knowledge that it has been professionally installed by experts.


Team Pauljordan


Our behind the scenes team are made up of marketing, operations and finance and they make sure that the cogs are turning. From finding new ways to show you all of our fantastic wooden climbing frames to organising shows and events where you can come and see them in real life, to making sure we have enough stock available, right through to ensuring we deliver the best experience time after time.

All of team Rainbow are true ambassadors and we think designing and building wooden climbing frames has to be the best job in the world.

So, if you’re looking for a wooden climbing frame, that will offer a superb range of play activities with endless customisation and the ability to grow as your family does, lasting for many years, with a company that prides itself on its service,  then Rainbow Play UK should be the number one wooden climbing frame company that you contact. 

You can reach us by calling 01276 477461 to speak to one of our amazing fun designers.

If you would like to view our look book, you can download it here rainbowplay.co.uk/brochure-download