How do “Play Activities” help kids?

Rainbow wooden climbing frames are a fantastic way to keep your kids active and healthy both physically and mentally.

We have an abundance of activities that can be part of your climbing frame, each one offering a different way to keep the kids active and engaged.

Monkey Bars

Monkey bars are fantastic for helping to develop growing muscles, gross motor skills and improve hand-eye coordination. Rainbow wooden climbing frames have a variety of monkey bars that can be added to any of our climbing frames. Our plastisol dipped rings provide kids with a better surface to grip with, it’s extremely durable and helps to reduce slipping. They come in many forms from standard to single trek, right through to duel trek, meaning that we cater for all ages and abilities. For those that want more of a challenge Ninja training kits can be added as well as chin-up bars and shimmy bars.  All offering an incredible amount of fun yet challenging the child’s individuals fitness.


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Climbing Wall and Cargo Net

Climbing is another incredible activity that will keep your children fit and active. With 5 different platform heights, the smallest starting at 5ft and the largest being 7ft, our wooden climbing frames have many ways to climb up and down. Angled rock walls, corkscrew climbers, rope ladders, fireman’s poles and unique step/chain combo ladders as well as traditional stepladders, means that we can cater for all levels of little adventurers. The best thing about all the different ways to get up and down is that the reaching, stretching, pulling and pushing will help to increase strength, develop muscles and teach them gravitational awareness. All good stuff to learn and enjoy.


Swing sets

With over 18 different types of swings, our wooden climbing frames have something for everyone. Baby swings, standard swings, trapeze bars, sky curve swings, ship swings, tyre swings, buoy swings, hammock swings, web swings, gliders, rope swings and lawn swings…the list goes on. All these swing options give you so much choice you’re able to personalise our climbing frames to suit your individuals family needs. An extra point to add is all of our climbing frames swing beams have mountain climbing carabiners, which are not only the absolute safest way to secure swings, it also means that you can change and swop your swing options as your kids grow or they want to try something different.

So, as you can see, Rainbow wooden climbing frames can really help to keep your kids fit and active and we haven’t even touched on the vast range of slides 😊


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Mental stimulation through imaginative play is an opportunity to develop kids’ social skills and emotional intelligence. From pretending to be an explorer to hosting a teddy bears picnic, the possibilities are endless. Our wooden climbing frames accessories can help kick-start the imagination cogs turning, with a ship’s wheels for the budding pirates out there, to binoculars for the spies and wildlife explorers, steering wheels for the racing drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, bells for the fire station officers, flags for the king and queen of the castle, mirror panels for the budding hairdressers, chalkboards for the teachers of the future, bubble panels for space explorers, dream theatres, lemonade stands and billy goat bridges, Rainbow wooden climbing frames really do have endless possibilities for imaginative fun.


Telescope Girl


Kids really do benefit from playing outside and in an ever-increasing electronic world, you have to find stimulating ways to entice them out and keep them outside being active and having fun.

So, if you’re looking for outdoor adventures that help to improve physical development and encourages imaginative play, with endless customisation and the ability to grow as your family does, lasting for many many years, then Rainbow Play UK should be the number one wooden climbing frame company that you contact.


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