Circus Clubhouse

Pkg III Popular

Finance options
Deposit £99
60 Monthly Payments (deffered for 3 months) £53.94
APR 4.9%
Total Amount Payable £3335.40
  • Price: £2,949.00

  • Ex Tax: £2,457.50
Cat No 38G TARP
General Category Name Circus Clubhouse
Slides length 10ft
Slides number 1
Swings activities 3
Swings height 8ft
Weight 1210lbs
Platform heights 5ft
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  • Circus Clubhouse Pkg III Popular
  • Circus Clubhouse Pkg III Popular
  • Circus Clubhouse Pkg III Popular
  • Circus Clubhouse Pkg III Popular
  • Circus Clubhouse Pkg III Popular
  • Circus Clubhouse Pkg III Popular

This Circus Clubhouse Pkg III Popular is great for younger children but offers an amazing choice of activities. There are 2 regular swings as well as a fun trapeze for budding gymnasts. A wave slide and climbing wall as well as steps up and also a set of monkey bars to help develop upper body strength in younger children. A great starter set that can be added to in the future.

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Deck Heights

Our climbing frames are available in a number of heights
This diagram gives you a sense of scale and what we mean by ‘deck height’

The best warranty coverage in the swing set business!

Because we choose the highest quality materials, we’re able to offer outstanding warranties on our swing sets.

Each Rainbow Play System swing set is unique based on the features and components your family chooses to design your perfect climbing frame. There are literally hundreds of components and pieces that go into making each Rainbow climbing frame, each with its own lifetime or 5-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my garden big enough?

As Rainbow Play frames are modular, we can usually find a set that will work for all garden sizes.  We have supplied to numerous town gardens as well as large county estates.  Why not visit our pages on climbing frames for small gardens, climbing frames for medium gardens or climbing frames for large gardens

It’s amazing how many activities can be fitted in to all sorts of spaces.  Give us a call and we can help design something that works for your garden!

So you have just placed an order for your dream
Rainbow wooden climbing frame...

What happens now?

If you haven’t already had one of our Rainbow Experts come out and see you to complete a garden site visit then this may well be the next thing on the list of things we do – don’t worry though, in some cases this isn’t necessary so if you haven’t had one you don’t need to be alarmed!

At this stage we will also be busy requesting you your very own 3D CAD drawing from our super clever colleagues over in the US. This fantastic drawing will show you exactly what you have ordered and how it will look once it has been built. From here we can make any amendments necessary and finalise your order to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect for you!

Proud To Be Green

At Rainbow Play, we recognize the importance of “being green”. You’ll be pleased to know that when you purchase a Rainbow Play Climbing Frame, you are making an environmentally responsible choice.

We are proud to use 100% certified cedar timber in the making of our wooden climbing frames. Our certified cedar frames are the best choice for your family as cedar is a great renewable resource!

Our 3 main GREEN beliefs:

  • For every tree harvested, five new trees are planted in its place.
  • Discarded wood material is used in production at Rainbow, or recycled.
  • Our wood material suppliers must adhere to one of two major forest initiatives.

Finance options

* Based on 60 monthly payments deferred for 3 months at an APR of 4.9% and an initial deposit of £99.

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