Springfree Trampolines

Trampolines have become very popular with children and adults alike in recent years.

Rainbow are proud to bring you the safest trampoline in the world - Springfree. Without springs and rigid poles, the risk of injury has been minimised and you can relax while your children get active. We could also sell cheaper, more dangerous spring based trampolines but we don't! We only sell the safest in the World.

Check out our range below...


Springfree Trampolines

O77 Medium Oval Trampoline
8x11ft Oval Trampoline (O77) Our medium oval trampoline maximizes the spac..

£1,095 Ex Tax: £913

O92 Large Oval Trampoline
8x13ft Oval Trampoline (O92) Our large oval trampoline is great for famili..

£1,195 Ex Tax: £996

R54 Compact Round Trampoline
8ft Round Trampoline (R54) Our smallest trampoline provides plenty of jump..

£895 Ex Tax: £746

R79 Medium Round Trampoline
10ft Round Trampoline (R79) Our medium round trampoline is the best of bot..

£1,045 Ex Tax: £871

S113 Large Square Trampoline
11x11ft Square Trampoline (S113) Our large square trampoline has a soft bo..

£1,554 Ex Tax: £1,295

S155 Jumbo Square Trampoline
13x13ft Square Trampoline (S155) Our jumbo square trampoline has an energe..

£1,495 Ex Tax: £1,246

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