Sam's Story #GiveSamFreedom

 Sam Trampoline Old

This is Sam

We were first made aware of Sam's story back in August 2015 when a customer of ours suggested we take a look at a Facebook campaign called "Give Sam Freedom" which was set up by his older brother.

Sam Eaton is 14 years old and has Down syndrome. One of the things Sam likes doing best is spending time out in his garden bouncing on his trampoline.  So that is exactly what he did after school and on weekends, well that was until the Eaton family got new neighbours who didn't like the sound of the old squeaking trampoline springs!  Sam carried on bouncing...until disaster...his old trampoline broke! 

A campaign was set up on Just Giving to enable Sam's family to buy a new improved trampoline.  But this time it needed to be a safe, quiet and robust enough to withstand Sam's super bouncing. That is when we at Springfree UK/ Rainbow Play got involved.  We wanted nothing more than to give Sam his bounce back, so we invited him to our Bagshot Rainbow Play / Springfree showroom at Longacres.  We weren't sure what size trampoline Sam's family would want so he got to test jump all the trampolines.  In the end we all decided an 077 (the medium oval) would suit him best, as it will provide him with years of jumping ahead! 

Sam Eatons Old Trampoline

The Big Trampoline Reveal

Sam was devastated when his old trampoline was taken down  as he was unaware of the big surprise headed his way.  It was now imperative we got his new Springfree Trampoline up and running as soon as we could.   Cara and Paul from Rainbow Play / Springfree headed over to the Eaton household on Wednesday 4th November to set up an after school surprise for Sam. 

Springfree Trampoline Delivery Van

When he got home he waked out into the garden somewhat bemused as he caught sight of Cara.  But soon after he spotted the trampoline and that was it...he was off and bouncing again!  He even managed to rope his mum and brother in for a bounce too.

Sam Eaton on his new Springfree Trampoline

Job done, we love it when a Springfree Plan comes together!

O77 Large Oval Springfree Trampoline