Boys and Girls

Rainbow Set Girls V Boys 2

Why do my son and his friends bound around the garden and all over the climbing frame like a herd of baby elephants, while my daughter and her friends play in the house, chat while swinging, and role play at being adults?

I know there’s a huge debate about the whole nature vs. nurture thing, and I’m sure I have subconsciously encouraged gender-specific toys, but seriously, they are like cave men and women when it comes to playing on the Rainbow Play wooden climbing frame!

Get Your Wooden Climbing Frame Summer Ready!

Climbingframe Thumb



So, the first day of Spring has arrived, evenings are lighter, and it’s time to start preparing your garden and most importantly your wooden climbing frame for summer!

Safety first - Having protected your wooden playset with Rainbow Play’s protective waterseal preservative, you should find that it is in good shape despite the harsh British winter. But, there is bound to be some wear and tear if there have been any particularly rainy or cold spells. Wearing gloves, give the wooden climbing frame a light sand if there are any areas that may cause splinters. Tighten any nuts and bolts where necessary, and remember that no matter how old your system is, Rainbow will always be able to produce/supply replacement parts.

Involve the kids - Get the kids out there with you and enlist their help in getting ready for the good weather. The Easter holidays are on their way so make the most of it and have fun sprucing up your climbing frame together. Get your feather duster out and get the kids to give it a good spring clean to get rid of any cobwebs and debris that may have come down from nearby trees.

On the ground – Depending on which surface you chose for your climbing frame, you may need to add some wood chips or shredded rubber, or just get the strimmer out around the edges!

Pimp it up! – Once it’s clean and safe, have a think about how you could jazz it up to make this the best summer toy your kids have this year.

Choosing the perfect climbing frame for your kids and garden

wooden climbing frames


Choosing the perfect climbing frame for your kids and your garden can be a dilemma. There’s so many to choose from, so many considerations. And let’s face it, they’re not cheap, so this is an investment you want to get right. We’ve all heard the saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice,’ which is why it’s important to do your research and find the ideal quality product for your family.


We’ve had cheap plastic climbing frames (that didn’t last), and small swings in the past but now that our kids are at the age that they can be out in the garden, either with me, or while I’m washing up and watching from the window, we’ve decided to grant their wish and get them something more substantial.



As kids, they want something fun; they want to recreate the amazing commercial play parks we’ve been to; they want features that will challenge them, keep them entertained for hours, and they want to hang out with their friends. My little girl will enjoy a raised house/cabin to play in. And a slide! My boy wants a climbing wall and monkey bars, and maybe a pole to slide down.



As their mum, I also need to consider what will fit in our garden (we need adult space too!), where is the safest place to position it, and most importantly we need to make sure this purchase is not going to be a one hit wonder.



We don’t have a huge garden, but we have an L-shape space that will perfectly accommodate a climbing frame at one end. There are no overhanging trees, no neighbours to annoy near this space, and nothing hazardous nearby.


Get Outside & Get Some Fresh Air!

children outdoor play


Mums for centuries have told their kids to get outside and get some fresh air, but why is it so important? Do they just want the kids out from under their feet or is there real benefit to it?

The answer is yes! According to a study by The American Academy of Paediatrics, children who spend time outside demonstrate longer attention spans, perform better at school, and get measurably higher grades. Children who play outside in fresh air and sunlight have improved people skills, as outdoor play enables them to relate to each other and to use their imaginations to play, expanding their creative thinking.

Playing outside also provides many physical benefits. It’s more demanding on the body than indoor play, so it improves fitness, decreasing a child’s risk of diabetes and childhood obesity. Kids who spend time outside are also more likely to get their daily dose of Vitamin D, which the body synthesizes from sunlight (even in winter), and increases bone strength and decreases the risk of certain cancers.

A study by Cambridge University Scientists suggests that kids who get outdoor time have better eyesight, with less near-sightedness and less need for glasses. They also found that outdoor time soothes kids and lowers the need for medication for depression and hyperactivity.

The World Health Organisation tells us that we spend too much time indoors – on average a staggering 90% of our time. Indoor air becomes stale, especially in winter, and can spread colds and other illnesses, whereas fresh air gives us the levels of oxygen we need to keep cells healthy, our lungs clean, and our skin blooming.

So, yes, there are benefits to getting fresh air, keep telling your kids to get out there and get some! Wrap them up warm and go for walks after a meal, or send them out for half an hour to play in the garden and know that you are helping to keep them healthy!